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Simplify Breakfast – Win a $50 IHOP Gift Card! #BreakfastLove

For most of us, IHOP is one of those restaurants that you remember from being a kid. I was always so excited to go there with my grandpa when I was a little girl – I felt so grown up. We’d go, and I’d get to pick anything that I wanted – I loved it. And I love their new additions to the menu – the Simple & Fit choices. You can learn more about them in my post here – How to Make Choosing a Healthy Breakfast Simple & Delicious – and then enter to WIN a gift card to check them out with your own family. Keep reading to learn how to enter!

IHOP new Simple & Fit Breakfast - get a free $50 IHOP gift card!

Enter to WIN a Free $50 Family Gift Certificate to IHOP!

Entering to win is as simple as finding the perfect healthy menu option on the new Simple & Fit menu at IHOP! Simply use the Rafflecopter form to do as few – or as many! – entry options as you want to do. Easy peasy. Then stay tuned next week to see if you’re the lucky winner. The winner will be announced here on the blog, and will get an email from me too. Have fun – and good luck!

Feelin’ lucky? Scroll down the sidebar to enter to win all of the other prizes I’m giving away this month too!

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  1. Brenda McCracken says

    I haven’t been to Ihop in years. I used to go every Mother’s Day. Then my oldest left home. I miss those times.

  2. Mary Cloud says

    They have a lot of great looking options and I love the idea of substituting turkey bacon

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  3. The seasonal mixed fruit crepes look good.

  4. debbie berry says

    The Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast esp with the fruit!!

  5. The Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast

  6. Joyce Harrell says

    I love that they encourage substituting healthier items. May have to give it a try

  7. Stephanie Phelps says

    The simple and fit veggie omelet

  8. Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast

  9. Monique Rizzo says

    The Seasonal fruit crepes.
    Thanks for the chance.

  10. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says

    Thanks for the review, it makes me so happy to see great menu options like these!

  11. Allie Lanc says

    The mixed fruit crepes sound great to me.
    (Also commented on the other post)

  12. Erica Barnes says

    Simple and Fit 2 Egg Breakfast would be my choice.

  13. The crepes look great!

  14. The simple and fit veggie omelet sounds great.

  15. the whole wheat crepes and fruit!

  16. Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast

  17. renee walters says

    The Simple & Fit Veggie Omelet!

  18. I Love Ihop crepes!!!

  19. I’m a Pancakes and Eggs person. Make my day, Please.

  20. whole wheat pancakes with blueberrys just sounds yummy

  21. The whole wheat french toast combo sounds yummy!


  22. I’d like to try the seasonal mixed fruit crepes

  23. LOIS PAYTON says

    I love the pancakes with cherries, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE IN HIS LOVING ARMS.

  24. Shannon Orton says

    Simple and fit menu is great. I work out hard, but still love Ihop

  25. paige chandler says

    I love the simply fit 2 egg breakfast. Mmmmm

  26. Diane Baum says

    Fruit with the whole wheat crepe

  27. Kyl Neusch says

    simple and fit veggie omelet

  28. The Healthy and Fit Pancakes look so yummy!

  29. The Crepes look delicious. I love the idea of eating healthier without sacrificing foods I enjoy :)

  30. I love the pancakes with strawberries.

  31. the whole wheat crepes are really good!

  32. would be nice

  33. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    whole wheat crepes and fruit look amazing
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  34. I wanna try the whole wheat pan cakes with blue berries.

  35. Left a comment there – the French Toast combo is delish.

  36. Susan Ladd says

    I love the strawberry crepes they have. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks !!!!

  37. Lorena Keech says

    Seasonal Mixed Fruit crepes look yummy

  38. Debra Hall says

    whole wheat french toast combo sounds yummy

  39. I would try the whole wheat pancakes!

  40. Janice Cooper says

    Wow I can’t believe the Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries were under 600 calories!!! They look delicious! I would try them.

  41. Claudia yanez says

    Traditional restaurant breakfasts are typically so heavy and caloric. These are great choices to get a healthy day started!

  42. Marie Darrer says

    Glad to know I can substitute turkey bacon…it is way less fatty!

    Em Darr

  43. Aimee Fontenot says

    Yum…whole wheat french toast combo for me.

  44. The whole wheat pancakes look delicious!

  45. Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries look yummo!

  46. The Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast

  47. steve weber says

    the french toast looks pretty tasty.

  48. Win is everythnig! I would like to win this one!

  49. I would like to win this one!

  50. Christina T says

    Their turkey bacon is actually pretty yummy. I like it extra crispy!

  51. The whole wheat pancakes with strawberries… Yumm

  52. The pancakes looked indulgent, couldn’t believe how few calories they had :)

  53. left a comment

  54. The Seasonal Mixed Fruit Crepes look yummy.

  55. The Whole Wheat French Toast Combo looks delicious!

  56. The veggie omelet looks good

  57. Samantha Meyer says

    The veggie omelet sounds delicious!

  58. Mary Casper says

    I don’t know if I will try any of the new items but they do look wonderful.

  59. micheal dale grim says

    they have many new items to choose from .i have not be there in so long way over do great review!!

  60. Lots of great healthy options – thanks for showing this!

  61. I love that they have Turkey Bacon now.

  62. Susan Smith says

    The Simple & Fit Veggie Omelet

  63. The simple and fit veggie omelet sounds good. Every time I go to iHop, I get a healthy omelette. They are so good.

  64. michelle king says

    i would go with the pancakes too

  65. Good to know this choice as I love crepes.

  66. The seasonal mixed fruit crepes look really good.

  67. christy r. says

    The Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries look awesome ! ! !

  68. I like the idea of turkey bacon.

  69. I really like the Simple & Fit Two Egg Breakfast.

  70. shirley zolenski says

    I like the whole wheat french toast combo

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