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How to DIY a Perfect Piggy Bank Handmade Gift

I love gifts that are personalized. Something that’s totally one-of-a-kind, shows that some thought was put into it, that I can see is made with lots of love. So as a crafty momma, I love to give those kinds of gifts too. Not only do I save money versus buying a boring gift from a big box store, but I can be sure it’s something they’ll love – that they definitely don’t already have! And a perfect gift idea that I’m really into lately is creating your own DIY Ceramic Piggy Bank.

How to DIY a perfect piggy bankWhen you think of these fun ceramic piggy banks, you probably think of a baby gift, right? Or even a bank for an older kid – but still, it seems like something geared more towards little ones. And – it does make an absolutely perfect pick for a kids gift. We had one at Abby’s baby shower, for people to leave notes in, with advice for me as a new mom. We used it again at her first birthday, for those guests who wanted to leave her a little birthday spending money – and it was a big hit! These are adorable when personalized with baby’s birth date and name, or with fun designs for a bigger birthday boy or girl. But – there are SO many other fun ways to personalize these with some simple steps!

How to decorate a ceramic piggy bank - chalkboard paintI am totally going to be doing one of these for the holidays! How fun is this? It’s a ceramic piggy bank covered in chalkboard paint! Include a piece of chalk to delight kids who can doodle over and over – or send it as a fun & totally unique accent piece for the home that any adult is going to love too. I got this idea from a UK site, blackboard piggy money box, but it would be so easy to recreate using a seriously great, {and amazingly high quality!} piggy bank from A Child to Cherish. Like I said, I’ve had some experience purchasing this type of bank, and I can tell you – this is the best you’ll find. Triple glazed, bigger than most that you’ll find, and incredibly sturdy. If you’re going to spend the time to create something amazing, you want to use a bank that’s built to last.

Rhinestone blinged out ceramic piggy bankNow, if you’ve ever read my About Me page, you know that I LOVE anything sparkly. So when I saw this uh-MAY-zing rhinestone covered piggy bank, I was totally excited. This one is from Barneys, and retails for $126 bucks, which is crazy-expensive for a piggy bank, even when it is as fabulous as this one. Instead, why not stock up on some metallic spray paint, small rhinestones from the craft store, and a spray sealer to finish it off? Yes, it’d be a little bit time-consuming, but the money saved and the end result will be oh-so-worth-it! These would make such fun gifts for my girlfriends this Christmas!

Ceramic Piggy Bank decoration ideasMore inspiration – What about making a “Girls Night Out” piggy bank for yourself, to save up funds for some good times? This one is available for sale somewhere else – but why not just buy the fab one from Child to Cherish, and do the decorating yourself, at HALF the price?? Or make this super cute Honeymoon Fund piggy bank as an engagement gift – or to decorate the gift table at a wedding? All you need is a paint pen, someone with nice handwriting, and a little rhinestone to decorate the rings. Easy peasy! Or make a fun ballerina piggy bank that’s sure to please any girly-girl in your life – young, or old. A quick little homemade tutu, a glued on tiara, and a little bit of pink paint schmeared on to make rosy cheeks – and voila! You’ve got an awesome handmade gift. Love it, right?

Buy the best ceramic piggy bankAs you can see – these are a lot bigger and bolder than the smaller size piggy banks that you traditionally find. That makes them more unique, more fun, and a lot easier to work with too. If you want to get started creating your own DIY Piggy Banks too, here are a few tips:

  • If you’ll be painting the entire bank, start by using a fine grit sandpaper to rough it up just a tad, then wipe all of the dust away cleanly. This gives the paint a better surface to adhere to. The Child to Cherish Big Ear Piggy Bank comes in classic white, pink, or blue – giving you a lot of ready-made options to work with. But if you have a creative idea in mind that calls for another color, this step will make your acrylic paint cover and hold much better.
  • When you’re ready to paint a name or design, lightly pencil it on first. That way you can ensure that you have the space needed, and will minimize mistakes. Once you’re happy with the placement, you can go over it lightly with a paintbrush, or paint pen.
  • Use an adhesive like Gorilla Glue if you want to add extra accessories like rhinestones, sequins, or fabric. You could use a spray adhesive to add a dusting of glitter too.
  • Once you’ve completed your work of art – be sure to let it dry fully, then spray with a coat of acrylic sealant spray, to make it all more durable. Once that layer is fully dry – it’s ready for gifting!

If you want some fun DIY packaging ideas for your gift, visit my Homemade Gifts Rock board on Pinterest for inspiration. And if you’ve created your own decorated Piggy Bank like this too, please come on over to my Facebook page and share a pic or a link! I love to see the amazing stuff you ladies put together.

Child to Cherish Unique Children's Keepsake GiftsYou can see get one of these great Ceramic Piggy Banks to personalize by ordering at – Child to Cherish Big Ear Piggy Bank, or shop for them on Child to Cherish online. You’ll also find some amazing pre-decorated personalized piggy banks, if you’re not the crafty type. {Although I definitely suggest giving it a try – it’s so simple to get really great results.} Whil there, check out the other amazing gifts available on their site too. Or – for more fun project and product inspiration, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram

{Disclosure: “This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.}


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