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Coffee Junkies Unite – It’s Party Time

“A morning without coffee is like…. sleep.” – Unknown… Yes, I admit it – I am a coffee junkie. I drink it all day long, year round, and without it, I’m just like a slithering jellyfish – accomplishing nothing, just floating mindlessly through my days. {I ran out of coffee once, so I just gave up on everything.} But WITH coffee, I am an amazing superwoman, able to leap tall laundry piles in a single bound. There used to be a time that I would pick up an iced coffee at the little local coffee place down the road, or grab a Starbucks as we ran errands around town – but that is a big chunk of money that’s wasted each week. {Although, is any money spent on coffee ever really a waste??} Then I was introduced to International Delight Iced Coffee in a carton – the very first prepackaged iced coffee ever that I actually liked. So I switched – I used these cartons to mix up my own coffee drinks at home, and saved over $100 bucks in that first month! Since I’m such a big fan of them, I was excited to put together a great sponsored party to share my faves with my other mom friends, and totally change their lives….

Keep Calm and Drink Iced Coffee

If you haven’t checked out these Iced Coffee’s yet, they’re super easy to find. They’re available at almost every grocery store, and you’ll find ’em in the back, by the milk and creamers. And make sure to pick up some extra creamers too, so you can mix up some great homemade iced coffee drink combos. They’re awesome served over ice, mixed into great recipes like Homemade Irish Cream Mocha Brownies, or drank straight out of the carton when no one is watching you. {Shhhhhhh….}

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Swirled Bread

It’s also super delicious mixed into this bread that’s a perfect mixture of flavors for fall – Homemade Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Swirled Fall Dessert Bread. It’s one of those great recipes that looks cool, but takes very little work. It mixes a great creamy chocolate swirl into a super yummy pumpkin spice flavored sweet bread. Seriously – this stuff is SO good. I made a couple of batches to serve during my party, perfect compliment for the drink combos we created!

mix it up - iced coffee recipes

So… I really like to celebrate. Anything. Everything. Nothing. Whatever – I just like a reason to bake up something delicious and fancy, throw up some streamers and balloons, toss glitter around a room, and turn up the tunes to party around with friends and family. So – of COURSE with my love of coffee you know that I would be celebrating National Coffee Day, right? {It was September 29th.} I invited a bunch of fave mom friends over for a “drink” in the afternoon, set up a ton of toys in the playroom for the kids to enjoy, and set up a fun bunch of party props in the kitchen for us to just hang out and catch up for the afternoon. It was a BLAST.

National Coffee Day Party

This is one of my VERY best girlfriends, who I seriously do not get to see often enough. And you see these smiles? These are powered by iced coffee drinks – Pumpkin Pie Spice mixed with Original Iced Coffee for me, Almond Joy swirled into Vanilla Iced Coffee for her – both with super cute crazy straws. {Wish I hadn’t been so distracted by the fun, and had got more party pics. But we have pretty bad lighting in the kitchen, and most of my pics were…. Well, they did not show off the amazingness of the day, that’s for sure.}

Funny party props

I’m not sure where these awesome chalkboard photo props came from – but they were an AMAZING amount of fun. {Watch for more pics to be posted to Instagram to see more from the party. I’ve been so busy with all of Abby’s appointments lately, but I’ll be posting regularly there again soon!} You can get some similar props on Amazon – Dry Erase Speech Bubbles. Out of all of the pictures – this is my favorite, hands down. My nephew is a little….. um, unique? Lol. He is the most amazing kid you’ll ever meet, but he definitely lives in his own world. Even has an imaginary friend named, named Spuzz. When he wanted to know what his sign said, and I read it to him, he asked – “Wait – where AM I then?” Lol. Love him.

Homemade Iced Coffee drinks

If you’re ready to try out this awesome Iced Coffee at home from International Delight too – you definitely want to follow them on Facebook to get hooked up with new product ideas & recipes – plus coupons and other sweet promotions. And watch for it at your local grocery store too – you will not regret it. Pinky promise. {That’s as legit as you can get with me, a pinky promise.} And share with me in the comments….

Let’s Chat: Have you tried this awesomesauce Iced Coffee yet? How do you drink it? Which is your favorite? Leave some comment love…

{Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in an In Home Party campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of International Delight and received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.}



  1. Sounds divine! I will def have to check these out for a treat :)
    It’s all about coffee :)

  2. Ok, that oreo coffee drink looks amazing. I love iced coffee. Will definitely have to try it now!

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