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Better Than a Wolf Eating Grandma – Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie!

Like most other little girls, I loved fairy tales… And, I still do – I am so totally hooked on that new ABC series “Once Upon a Time.” One of the things that I love about it is the way that it’s a fresh look at those fairy tales I loved as a kid – new backstorys, new ways of looking at characters, mixing up the ideas of who’s good and who’s bad. So, when I found a new set of story books from My 1st Story that reinvents the classic stories too – but by making them friendlier for little readers, I was instantly hooked on those too. Lil' Red Riding Hood & Wolfie - I love cake!

I Love Cake!

The original fairy tales are often a little bit scary – big heartless wolves devouring grandma isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to hear about before mom turns the lights out, and you’re left alone in the dark, right? In our favorite, My1story – I Love Cake! – with Lil’ Riding Hood & Wolfie – the scent that brings the wolf is a fresh baked pie, and the story includes him learning to share. You can get the sweet Lil’ Riding Hood Plush doll too, to read along with you – Check her out on Amazon to see the pics, I’m impressed by how BIG she is! I’ve got this on Abby’s list for Christmas shopping this year…

books Jack and beanstalk

Jack and the Magic Beans

This one is super cute too – My1story – Jack and the Magic Beans. This is the story about Jack and Beanstalk, again, in a lighter and happier version. And of course, there is also a Beanie Plush character from the story too! We love reading these books before Abby’s naptime – and I’ll definitely be picking some up as gifts for friends too. They’d be a perfect idea for a baby shower gift!

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