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Lilikin & Friends – Extra Special Friends for Extra Special Kids

“Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.” – Ed Asner… If you’re the mom of a toddler, you understand what this quote means, right? It’s a never ending battle of wills… You tell them to eat their veggies, so they throw the veggies – along with the entire plate, fork, placemat, and bib, onto the floor. You tell them to play nice with the other kids, so they whack them over the head with a foam sword for the third time. Ah… The joys of motherhood. Well, now there’s a super cute trio of plush dolls that are sure to win your fussy one over, even during the grumpiest of days – Meet Lilikin & Friends.

lilikin & friends - plush dolls for toddlers

Lilikin & Friends – Extra Special Friends for Extra Special Kids

“It’s not that they’re depressed or anything; they’re just hard to impress. They’re like that guy who, instead of laughing uproariously at a hilarious joke, simply declares dryly, “That’s funny.” It’s a little hard to tell, but they really would love to get to know you. Whether you’re happy, sad, or just plain confused, your new friends understand and will stay by your side. They can turn frowns upside down, and make smiles shine even brighter!” – Isn’t this the perfect way to teach toddlers that those wild waves of emotions that they feel are ok? They also a great partner for kids with Autism, {and they even have a special set of Autism Awareness Special Edition dolls that raise money for the Canadian National Autism Foundation. Very cool, right?} – They show them that it’s ok to not always have the smiley face that everyone expects of you. These little dolls are adorable, and meaningful – and we’ve fallen totally head over heels from them in our house!

Plush dolls raise money for autism too

We love Lilikin & Friends – and know YOU will too!

There are three different adorable plush friends available – Lilikin, The Melancholy Grey Kitten. Mollycoddle, The Ultra-Dainty Albino Bunny {love, love, LOVE her adorable tutu.} And Eleven, The Small-for-his-Age Monkey. I am so glad that I found Lilikin & Friends – I know so many moms who have kids with disabilities or challenges. What a great way to show them that different is ok, by giving them a little plush buddy to love on that’s also a little different. As kids, we need to identify with others – so having a doll that’s “like us” means a lot. My favorite toy as a kid was my Cabbage Patch doll that had brown hair, brown eyes, and wore one of my old baby dresses – Just like me :) These toys are great for any kiddo – but can have some extra special meaning for extra special kids!

Lilikin & Friends

You can visit Lilikin & Friends online – learn more about these adorably soft little buddies, and order right from the site. And make sure to show your support by following them on Facebook and Twitter – to stay updated on new products and promotions!

{I received a complimentary product from the lovely Rachel Florio PR – Celebrity Baby Trend Expert – to review for this post. Only the best products make it onto Sunshine and Sippy Cups – We love Lilikin & Friends, and know that you will too!}


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