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Free Fisher Price Toys: How to Have a HouseParty – The budget hostesses best friend!… If you’ve never heard of House Party, you can read details here – How to host a House Party. The basics are just to sign up on their site, apply for parties you’re interested in, invite friends when you get approved, and party it up with your free party packs when they arrive. Totally simple, and totally awesome.

Fisher-Price Playdate House Party

Why House Party Rocks

Ok, as a long-time member of, I admit – the parties aren’t always as good as they used to be. If I could offer the brands that sponsor parties a word of advice, it would be to choose fewer hosts, and send those hosts bigger packages – instead of trying to send very bare-bones packages to a huge amount of people. It makes the hosts more excited to get a generous package that they feel good about inviting friends over to share, it makes them more likely to build buzz for your brand, and it just gives a positive vibe to a TON of people who received a sweet package from you. The whole point is to get people talking about you, spreading the word about new products, and building some great buzz for your brand, so you want to make sure the packages you send make people excited enough to do that. And…. One brand who clearly TOTALLY understands this is Fisher-Price – Check out the package that they sent us this weekend:

Fisher Price New Fall Toys Free Houseparty

Fisher-Price Toddler House Party

Ok – this isn’t the greatest pic ever. We unloaded the GIANT box of free toys in the spare bedroom that’s still kind of a mess after my brother and the kids moved out – and it was getting late, which meant not a great amount of light. But neither Abby or I could wait until morning to check out this big ol’ package…. And ohmyHECK, we were not disappointed! Here’s what we received:

We still have one more shipment on the way, with all of the other goodie bag gear – Fisher Price coloring books, DVD’s, coupons, and more. So that if the kids find a new favorite while playing with this new fall line-up of fun toys, moms can save some bucks if they want to head out and purchase them too! Awesome, right?

Learn more about the upcoming Fisher Price House Parties by following #FisherPricePlaydate on Twitter – or check out @HousePartyFun for updates on upcoming parties you can apply for!

So – now that you know how awesome these packs from House Party can be – make sure to sign up for a free account today, to get updates on new parties to apply for over the holiday season. They have everything from food and wine, to basic household supplies like the new Kleenex hand towels – to totally fun party packs for holiday entertaining, like the Kmart Halloween party that’s open to applications now. So get signed up and apply to host some fun {and totally FREE!} parties today!

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  1. This is amazing!!! Just signed up!

  2. I don’t know about you, but I was completely floored when I (well, when my boy) opened that huge box! I had no idea we would receive so much!! I’m looking forward to our party (that is actually going to be a week late :( ) and I can’t wait to see yours as well!!

  3. we were selected too. i havent set everything up yet but everything looks amazing.
    so exciting!!
    my daughter also loves caillou :)

  4. My friend is having one this weekend and after seeing and reading about the toys, I am so sorry that my five year old won’t there, since we have plans out of town. But the good thing it is she will be able to play with them next week with my friend’s daughter.

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