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Job Interview Etiquette for Women

Job Interview etiquette

The Proper Interview Etiquette… If you are looking for a job and have an interview, there are some key things to remember before going in for the interview. In terms of interview etiquette, you need to give yourself the best chance possible to get the job you are interviewing for. Having a good first impression is important and you want to make sure you set yourself apart from other potential employees.

Attire: No matter what job you are interviewing for, whether it is through a staffing employment agency or a company, you should dress professionally. This means wearing business attire no matter what job you are interviewing for. You should carry yourself with confidence and reflect that in your clothing. Since your clothes are the first impression that you make, you should make it a good one. While you want the interviewer to focus on your skills and personality, what you wear will be consciously or unconsciously judged.

Preparation: As you prepare yourself for your interview, it is important to come with the right knowledge and documents. This means first researching the company you are interviewing for. You should be familiar with the actual job and what it entails. You should also know the history of the company, the mission statement and any other information you can gain from its website or other media outlet. You should come to the interview prepared to ask some questions at the end. You will more than likely be asked if you have any and it is a good idea to have something in mind before you arrive at the interview. You might also come up with more during the interview, which is fine as well. Even if the company already has your resume, it is good interview etiquette to bring several copies of your resume as well as a list of references. You do not want to be asked for any documents and come up short-handed. You are in competition with other applicants and you want to set yourself apart as much as possible by coming as prepared as you can.

Essentials: As you make your way to the interview, you should make sure you have plenty of time to get there. It is recommended to arrive a few minutes early and to be friendly to the first person you meet. Usually it will be someone at the front desk and they will often talk to the interviewer afterwards about what they thought. This is a great opportunity to be professional no matter who you meet. Once you meet the interviewer, you should have a strong and confident handshake. You should always make good eye contact throughout the interview. Your nonverbal cues can be just as important as what you say. You should talk yourself up and focus on your strengths and why you are a good fit for the job. It is sometimes difficult to talk so positively about yourself, but it is crucial to do so.

Going in for an interview can be a stressful experience. To lower your stress level, you should come prepared by bringing the right documents and doing the research needed to feel confident during the interview. By following these tips, you are sure to land the job you want.

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