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Is Your Wireless Company Just Not That Into You? #HelloBetter

Do you love your wireless provider?… I can answer that with a big ol’ NO WAY JOSE!! The last time my phone broke, and I had to head to the local cell store to get a new one, the clerk either made a mistake, or purposely tricked me – either way, I ended up signing up for things that I did NOT realize I was going to pay for, and sure as heck didn’t need. It was another big mess to get it all fixed after I figured it all out. So, if you’ve had bad experiences with your provider too, you’re gonna love this new campaign from US Cellular called Hello Better. What is it? Well girls, keep reading and I’ll tell ya all about it! 

Hello Better with US Cellular

What does Hello Better mean? It means saying goodbye to things like plans that don’t include enough data, minutes, or option, and saying hello to unlimited plans for single lines or even whole families. It means saying hello to a super sweet rewards program that lets you earn points for things like free phones and accessories. It means saying hello to a company that has surveyed women across the country to learn what they really need in a wireless network – and are now totally delivering it.

“By introducing the Hello Better campaign to the public, U.S. Cellular is encouraging people to say goodbye to dysfunctional wireless relationships and say hello to a better experience. Goodbye neglect, hello respect.”

Do you hate your cell phone plan?

It’s not you – it’s them!

Where do you fall on this chart? I’m part of the 54% of peeps in the Pacific Northwest who are totally unhappy with their service provider – and it looks like all across the nation, the amount of women who are not feelin’ their cell phone providers love is pretty similar – almost half in most areas. That’s crazy, right? If half of Americans are unhappy, don’t you think someone should do something about that? Well lucky for us, US Cellular is that someone!

Start seeing other carriers

Are you ready to “see other people?”

If so, then US Cellular will be the plan of your dreams. Check them out today to get sweet unlimited plans that don’t have a ton of strings, that awesome rewards program that I told you about, and really personal service and help when you need it. Here are a few more reasons why they are rockin’ the wireless world right now:

  • In addition to passionate associates, U.S. Cellular provides customers with unique benefits such as the industry’s only points-based rewards program, no contract after the first contract ends, free incoming calls and texts, free Overage Protection and free Battery Swap for your device.
  • U.S. Cellular believes that people deserve better. A mobile phone is supposed to make life simpler and easier to get things done. Your relationship with your wireless carrier should be the same. US Cellular treats their customers like neighbors, not numbers.
  • Out of the 1,208 participants polled across four regions of the country, 56 percent of the respondents admitted to being unhappy with their carrier over the past year but only 35 percent of all respondents have ever broken up with their provider. That’s why US Cellular is working to make it much easier!

It’s no secret that people are frustrated with their wireless experience, but people tolerate less because they don’t believe there is a better option. You deserve better! So say hello to better with US Cellular today. Seriously.



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