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How Buying Your Daughter a New Dress Can Help Others….

“You’re never too little to make a big difference.” – Who’s Little… I love having a little girl. I’ve always loved princesses, and sparkles, and frills and bows and polka dots… Yes, my name is Meagan, and I’m a girly girl. I would spend hours playing dress up with my dolls when I was little, and I always longed for a sister. But no – I was stuck with, er, I mean blessed with 3 brothers instead. When I found out that I was expecting, I hoped for a girl, but honestly – I was sure it would be a boy. I grew up with all brothers, and mostly boy cousins. All of my friends had boys. Even our dog had all boy puppies. I was starting to wonder if babies even still came in girl? The day that I found out that the baby I’d seen waving at me on the ultrasound screen was a GIRL, that was priceless. And even better, I got lucky and have a little girl who loves sparkles and ruffles just as much as I do. And that is even more priceless. So – now knowing that background, you’ll understand why I am so totally in love with this new clothing line that I’ve just discovered, called Who’s Little? Check it out…

Who's Little Girls Fashions

About Who’s Little?

“Picture a little girl twirling in a new dress, and you’ll come to fully understand the phrase, “You’re only young once.” The twirls – which are usually accompanied by giggles and smiles (and possibly a dance step or two) – mark a fleeting moment in every young girls life. While putting on an outfit holds a certain charm no matter your age, nothing quite measures up to the joy found in the full skirts, bright colors, and girly details of our memories.” – That lovely line of thinking is what led the founder to create Who’s Little? – a line that she describes as “unapologetically sweet,” that works to capture that sweet youthful innocence and joy before kids grow up into teens and beyond. The line is separated into three size and style runs – 0-24 months, 2-6, and 7-10 years old, and I love that all of the cute fashions are totally age appropriate. {Unlike some of the stuff I’ve seen marketed towards kids lately.} Since capturing those sweet moments with Abby is the most important thing in the world to me, this company is total perfection for us.

little girls garden fashion

“In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.” – Robert Brault

Abby and I love to spend the day out in the garden. When she’s out there helping me dig, and plant, and tend to the flowers and the new veggie plants, she needs clothes that are comfy and cool. So – how excited was I when I received this super cute little jumper from Who’s Little?? It’s a lightweight cotton so she stays cool, it’s loose and easy to move in – but the details and fabric make it simply as cute as can be. I wish it came in my size :) It’s just one easy piece that pulls on and ties at the neck, and has two fun little pockets on each side that are trimmed in a contrasting fabric. Abby LOVED picking flowers to put in her pockets. So sweet.

little girls fashion line that gives back

“You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.” – Author Unknown

While Abby and I absolutely loved this sweet little summer jumper for the style and comfort – there are more reasons to fall in love with Who’s Little? – The One Girl, One Dress Project helps give back to girls in need with every dress purchased from their site. I am such a huge fan of this type of giving – as she mentions, it’s similar to what Tom’s shoes does… Each pair of Tom’s shoes purchased means a donation of a second pair to someone who needs it. This helps people feel more involved and connected to charitable causes, which I love. And… Yes, donating a dress to a child living in poverty isn’t going to solve all of her problems. But as a little girl who grew up extremely poor, I know what it’s like to get the bare minimum to get by, and not often get luxuries. A beautiful dress can make any of us feel transformed, and it’s a pretty special thing for a little girl who seldom gets something new like that. So when you shop for fun fashions for your own little girl, you can smile knowing that you’re bringing happiness to another little girl too.

Who's Little Fashions

Connect with Who’s Little? Today

You can find Who’s Little online – check out the great behind-the-scenes video of their Holiday 2012 photo shoot. Then follow them on their fab social media accounts too, to stay updated on new products and promotions – Facebook, on
Twitter @whoslittle, and on Pinterest too.

For more little girl’s fashion ideas, check out my Little Fashionista board on Pinterest!

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary jumper from Who’s Little? to evaluate and share with you. Only the best products we check out are shared here with you. All opinions here are my own – I love this brand, and know you will too!}



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