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The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Party Hosting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Party Hosting

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  1. Margaret Smith says

    one idea is to tell your guests what time the party is from and what time it ends, to avoid some guests staying too late and disturbing your neighbors

  2. A definite don’t for me is to continue party after 10 pm when some neighboors already sleep

  3. Tari Lawson says

    Do keep it simple and accept help when offered. If guests offer to bring something, suggest a dish to share or perhaps their favorite drink.

  4. Stephanie says

    plan ahead and have fun with it!!!

  5. Katharine D says

    Set a date you need an RSVP by and don’t start calling people before that stated time. I often have to wait to RSVP to close to the needed reply date to be sure we are free.

  6. Katharine D says

    finger foods make a summer party, people want to be able to move around and finger foods make that easy

  7. Sometimes spur of the moment parties turn out best!

  8. I commented that my entertaining do is to enjoy yourself! Don’t be buzzing around and stressed because it rubs off on your guests.

  9. Barbara Montag says

    I left my post about entertaining dos on the other blog post.
    Keep it simple and serve things you can make ahead.
    Thank you.

  10. Barbara Montag says

    Great tip — make it a potluck.
    Easier on you and so much fun!
    Thank you.

  11. I commented on the link…My do is to set a budget and stick to it. Don’t go overboard on spending or you won’t enjoy your own party.

  12. My tip is have enough food and drinks and invite the neighbors.

  13. Jessica Snow says

    I would say a good idea is to eat with all plastic wear so it will save you on clean up time.

  14. this would mean so much on my limited budget!

  15. my biggest don’t is don’t undercount seating that is needed – it is awkward if 1 person is left standing!!

  16. My best entertaining tip is to invite everyone! Only inviting a select crowd can make friends feel very excluded.

  17. My best planning tip is to set up the food and drink catering well in advance. There’s nothing worse than having last minute problems with everybody’s favorite part!

  18. I commented that my entertaining do is to enjoy yourself! Don’t let party planning get the best of you!

  19. dont panic if everything isn’t perfect, relax and enjoy

  20. Enjoy yourself.

  21. Kim Holsapple says

    I finally realized that no one is Martha Stewart for entertaining, so when my guests if they can bring anything to the party, I take them up on the offer! Helps me not to be so stressed.

  22. paige chandler says

    Don’t run the vacuum, cleaner until everyone is gone.

  23. When you’re entertaining, it’s important to have fun – you’ll be more relaxed and your guests will have more fun.

  24. kelley wood says

    Yes, let everyone know the party hours so you wont have “those” guests hanging around when youre ready to clean up a d be done!

  25. Do prepare as much of the food early as you can so you’ll have more time to spend with your guests.

  26. SYLVIE W says

    It is very hard to meet new people. Do you homework by practicing some questions ahead of time so they’ll flow naturally to your mind. I know the social butterflies reading this won’t understand but there are some who need to do this.

    Just remember, your neighbors and you have much in common because you live in the same area. Work with that.

  27. i commented on that post but here is what i posted: do ask if anyone has allergies to food or is vegetarian or has other diet restrictions so you can have food available for everyone

  28. Do have finger foods sitting around.

  29. Kate Strycker says

    Do frost your martini glasses! Makes for a better cocktail :)

  30. Daniel M says

    dont panic if everything isn’t perfect just relax and enjoy it

  31. Michele Baron says

    Do not invite more guests than your space can accomodate

  32. Lucy Schwartz says

    If it is an outside party , be sure to use a Therma-Cell or some other anti bug product.

  33. ewhatley says

    My “do” tip is to do ahead as much as possible so you can enjoy the party. Don’t spend the entire time in the kitchen.

  34. Sara Wood says

    Have everyone bring a dish- it puts less expense on you and everyone will find something they like!

  35. thanks for hosting the contest! woot

  36. Michelle H. says

    Make sure you have plenty of food and cold drinks; use paper plates and disposable silverware for easy clean-up. Make sure you have a few trash cans set up for garbage.

  37. Kathleen S. says

    Get as much done as you can beforehand, then you will be more relaxed and can enjoy yourself too!

  38. Tonya Dean says

    Shop at the dollar tree for cheap decorations.


  39. Susan Smith says

    I serve low calorie options for those who are watching their calories

  40. Katharina says

    Do remember that if you have close neighbors (and sometimes not even so close!) they could start settling down for the night a lot earlier than your gathering would have normally quieted down. Guests should know when the “quiet hour” begins. (I learned this the hard way on Memorial Day. :-) )
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  41. Trevor C. says

    finger foods work great for a party, because they also promote social conversation.

  42. mary gardner says

    keep the menu simple so you are not too tired to enjoy yourself

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  43. mary gardner says

    don’t serve things that need to be kept cold with the exception of drinks at a summer party

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  44. Michelle S says

    Equal contribution party where everyone brings a dish to pass.

  45. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Simple is always best and respect the neighbors

  46. My entertaining tip is to always buy more ice and beer than you expect to use. You never want to run out of ice and beer!

  47. Samantha says

    Don’t try to plan the night’s events. Leave games out, leave movies out and let it evolve itself!

  48. My best entertaining tip is to always have enough food and drinks

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