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Turn a Diaper Wipes Holder into a Cosmetics Bag for Mom

Chic and modern accessories created for women & babies. Mom-designed with today’s active lifestyle in mind…. Baby gear is cute, right? So darn cute actually, that you probably bought double the amount of baby stuff you actually needed when you were in those early days. I remember thinking that it seemed totally logical to have a fully stocked diaper bag for dad, and two for me – {a mini for quick trips out, and a full size for day trips} – even though we both work from home…. What was I thinking?? Lol. But it’s not totally your fault – it’s also partly due to the barrage of marketing that you face as a new mom – it can be super hard to wade through that and figure out exactly what it is you truly need. And that is why I’m here to share the first of a new series of posts to show you some great products that are worth your bucks – things that easily transition from baby, to toddler, and then into pieces that you can use yourself too! Ready? Ok – first product is from one of my FAVE brands: Buti-Bag.

diaper essentials that move into toddlerhood

The Bunvelope from Buti-Bag

This is such a smart solution – which is how you know it was invented by a mom, right? Yep, the Buti-Bag line of super trendy gear was started by a totally awesome chick named Nicole, {who I was lucky enough to get to meet and hang out with a bit at Reviewer’s Retreat recently} – read a little more about how her quest for a bag that could hold diaper essentials that was not only smart and versatile, but stylish too, led her to start her company. Love it. And I love all of her products too – here are a few reasons why:

  • Prints: Baby patterns and character designs are cute, but I’m more of a fan of modern prints. I had a super tough time finding gear to match the decor of my home, or diaper bag accessories that could transition to my purse without screaming “MOM OF A BABY” – which is why I absolutely adore all of the prints and materials that are used in all of Buti-Bag’s products.
  • USA: All Buti-Bag products are made right here in the USA. We all complain about how hard that is to find these days, so make sure to show this great company some support!
  • Multi-Taskers: I love, love, LOVE that since these don’t look like a baby product {although there are so many cute prints you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your theme} – so you can totally use them after that first year or two. They’re made so well that they last that long too!

So, well-made products created right here in the USA, in gorgeous fabrics and trims, that give you more than your money’s worth by pulling double duty after baby gets bigger? How much better can you get, honestly?

trendy diaper wipe case in modern print

Trendy Diaper Wipes Case that looks sleek in your bag

Abby is almost 2, and we’ve started the potty training phase, but are still using Pull-Ups – which means I still haul a diaper bag with us when we’ll be away for more than a couple of hours. But I also like to have a stash of supplies in my regular purse – because as you know, an accident can happen even when you’re only out of the house for 5 minutes. But since I want something that can stay in my purse all the time, I want something that still looks cute – It’s embarrassing to finally get a girls night out, and have the waiter at a trendy new club see your nursery-rhyme covered wipes holder in your bag. Ugh. So I love that this just looks like a cute make-up bag or clutch.

using diaper wipes holder for makeup

Turn a Diaper Wipes Holder into a make-up bag for mom

As Abby gets bigger – I’ll be able to use this fun holder for my cosmetics… Which is what I’ve been doing when I travel. I love that I can have the wipes in the little resealable envelope – perfect for removing cosmetics – and it fits a surprisingly big selection of my fave pretty products. This makes it absolutely perfect for heading out to the gym, or traveling by plane. And – remember when I said it’s really well made? Well, the pics above were taken just a few days ago, but I’ve been using this bag for a few months. I throw it in my bag with TONS of other junk, toss it in the wash when needed, and it’s still looking new and crisp. This little Bunvelope rocks.

pretty baby products in modern prints

The Buti-Bag Co – Structure with Style

As you can see – the selection of prints and patterns is just perfect. The product line also includes the Bundle bag, super soft blankets, accessories like the Binkmeister, and the most stinkin’ adorable little iron-on bell bottoms you’ll ever find. {Stay tuned for Abby’s fashion shoot for back to school to show those off too!}

Shop the Buti-Bag selection of mom-designed modern accessories for moms and babies today – Sign up for their email to stay updated on new products and promotions too!

{Disclaimer: As a consultant working with to support women in business, I receive a complimentary sample from Buti-Bag to review and share with you. Only the best products make it onto this site. All photos, opinions, and over-use of the words like “amazing” and “awesome” are my own. Love this brand!}


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