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Potty Training Tips: Keeping It Going & Making it Fun

Potty Training: Phase 2, Keeping it Going… So, last month I told you guys about our start to this new adventure in Potty Training. And, while we haven’t seen as much success so far as I’d hoped – I have to remind myself, it’s only been about a month. SHE is ready. And I AM ready too. It’s just that potty training a toddler isn’t as simple as you both being ready – you also need a plan, the right gear and info, and some cool resources to make the whole process a little bit more fun.

Munchkin Potty Chair

The right gear for potty training a toddler

Part of having a good plan for potty training is to get the right gear. I totally advise having your little one help you pick out a potty chair, since that makes them more excited about using it. We LOVE ours from Munchkin – {disclaimer: We got this one free, since Abby was a member of the Munchkin Bunch.} It has a spot for flushable wipes, a deodorizer tablet that pops right in the lid, and will also work as a step stool once Abby moves to the big potty. Another great product to check out is Tidy Tots – this makes clean up when potty training amazingly simple, seriously. You can use the Potty Timer on the Pull-Ups site that I told you about last time to schedule in your plan – and it will give you a fun alert when it’s time to head to the potty again. Very helpful when you’re a busy mom trying to remember a million things each day! {For more potty training tips, see the infographic at the bottom of the post too.}

Disney Character Call makes Potty Training Fun!

I’d heard that having a “Character Call” from the Pull-Ups site was super helpful in keeping kids excited and motivated for potty training, so we scheduled one for ourselves. You have the choice to pick Cinderella, or Mater, from Cars. Since our DVD player still isn’t working, and Abby doesn’t know one of my favorite princesses, but she watches Cars all the time with her cousins – I chose to have Mater call her. And as you can see… She was super super surprised! She never gets to talk on the phone {we use Skype to keep in touch with our far away family} – so at first she was kind of confused as to why we were handing her the phone, lol. It cracks me up how worried she is for a minute… Then at the end, she realizes who it is, but she calls all of the cars on that show “McQueen.” She listened intently to the rest of the message, and finally got a smile. Then when it was over she was upset and wanted to call him again! She told us all night – “McQueen? Phone? Potty time?” We’ll have to try this again so she can hear the whole message – you can hear it yourself on the Pull-Ups Potty Break site – it gives kids a “Keep up the good work!” type of encouraging call to keep them excited about their progress. This is definitely a tool we’ll keep using!

Schedule your own Potty Break call with Cinderella or Mater today!

Start Potty Training Today

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Tell me, what are YOUR best potty training tips?

{Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. All video, opinions, and experiences shared here are 100% my own.}



  1. I have never heard of the potty call!! I’m head to check it out! I have two boys ages 3 and 4 who still have to be reminded frequently. They will love this!

  2. The potty call is so cute! We’ve been attempting potty learning with our 21 month old, it hasn’t been as arduous as with our older sons, but sheesh, it’s quite a different experience!

  3. I had my sons potty with us on every trip plus plastic bags and wipes. I could always pull over, put a bag in the toilet and when he was done there was no worries about mess!

  4. I have no tips – I just jumped in with both feet (maybe not a good picture) and went gangbusters. Potty Time with Elmo, potty song, big kids go potty, big boy underwear – the whole 9. I consoled myself with the thought that I have never seen a 5th grade child who couldn’t use the potty, so there has to be success at some point.

  5. Both of my kids are completely potty trained now, but the potty call is a cute idea.

    The Pull-Ups Potty Timer was a life saver when training my youngest because she didn’t want to stop playing to take a potty break.

  6. We are potty-training our 2 year old daughter as well. I am just happy that she is even telling us that she has gone in her diaper. But, she loves her potty and always is excited when she makes it there in time.

    I think the hardest part of potty training is being able to get up and run to the potty when she says she has to go. Aside from her, I have a 5-year old boy and 5-month old twins which make it difficult sometimes. But, we do our best and are always super enthusiastic when she is sitting on her potty!!

    thanks for the info and ideas! I am going to see how they work with our family!

  7. I love the idea of potty time calls. I’m going to go look into getting that started!

  8. I like the potty break idea, but my mom even woke me up at night to go (they didn’t have overnight diapers, etc. back )so I could go (like when she might be going to bed, etc) and well I am 57 and I still get up at night to go!

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