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How to go “Design Spotting” with Me & #DysonDesign

Good designs come from the heart, not from the brain.” – Danny Sengers… I want to know – what designs inspire you? Do you notice great design in your daily life? Many times we really don’t – badly designed products are frustrating, don’t do what they should, slow you down – forcing you to take notice of their flaws. But a product that is designed well becomes such a seamless part of your day that you often stop paying much attention to it. I talked to you a few weeks ago about some amazing designs in my life that I did notice, once I took a little time to pay attention to the amazing things around me. Last week, I decided to do a little more “Design Spotting” – and made a point to capture photos of the things I saw that amazed me with their beauty, smart function, and plain ol’ awesomeness. I’d love to see what inspires you too – snap some photos to share to Instagram and Twitter, and tag them with #DysonDesign. I am super excited to see what you find.

clean energy windmills

“Content precedes design. Design in the absense of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman

I really do believe that the basis of a great design is a smart idea. I love this photo, and this is definitely a design that is more than mere decoration – this is a structure with a purpose. This is just one of hundreds of windmills that now dot the top of the ridges that you drive through when leaving Washington, headed towards Oregon. Those small dots on the hillside are cows, which helps you realize the magnitude of these giant energy-generating gadgets. It’s very surreal as you drive through them all – they’re beautiful in their simplicity, yet they seem so foreign in this natural landscape. They’re incredibly quiet, even though there is such an incredible amount of them in one place. It’s a very weird feeling as you pass them…. But knowing that these massive windmills are here, in this mostly desolate area, quietly and simply creating energy from the winds that blow by, is pretty amazing.

Design is about making things good (and then better) and right (and fantastic) for the people who use and encounter them.” – Matt Beale

Another amazing example of design that is smart, and beautiful in it’s simplicity is the Dyson Air Multiplier. Have you seen this fan yet? {If not, click through below to check it out.} I’m amazed, and have to admit – I do not really understand how this works. But I am incredibly intrigued, and am looking for somewhere local to check one out in person. I love that the design is like nothing else I’ve ever seen in a fan. I love the “cool” factor it has. And I love the safety of no blades for little fingers to get stuck in. Seriously – this is what I call impressive design.

Dyson Air Multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier is available in table, tower and pedestal sizes. With no fast-spinning blades, it’s safe, easy to clean, and generates smooth air with no buffeting. Keep cool with Dyson Air Multiplier. Learn more at

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{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Dyson via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dyson.}


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