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5 Singing Kids on YouTube that You Don’t Want to Miss!

Earlier today I was browsing YouTube, looking for some new social media, blogging, or marketing videos with cool tips that I could maybe share with you guys. But of course, what I actually ended up watching was funny cat clips and adorable kids doing cute things. This is partly because I had Abby on my lap, and she wanted cats. But it’s also partly because I’m easily distracted, lol. But – while I didn’t end up watching what I had intended to, I did find some pretty amazing stuff…. So, I figured I’d share. Because I like you guys :) Here is a round-up of the the funniest, cutest, and super crazy-talented little singers I’ve ever seen. Love it.

Oh.My.Heck. Is this kid totally amazing, or what? I love how the guy running the store has to stop him at first, to get his own video of his singing. This little guy is just unbelievable!

This absolutely cracks me up! I saw this for the first time about a year ago, and I laughed just as hard when I came across it again today. He is so into it, and his facial expressions are just awesome. The way he plays his toy guitar is also super impressive – he has the moves right, and must have watched a lot of real players. He is just the cutest little thing.

This cutie pie is only 4 years old… How amazing is that? Heck, just learning the words to that song is an accomplishment – but this little mister plays the music too! He is super amazing… And you can hear the crowd just go wild over his performance. So fun.

Yes!!!! Love this!! He is rockin’ it… Love the moves he get in there, lol. He is so serious, and totally into the song… I can see him on American Idol in a few years. Awesome.

Ok – so this one was too funny. I just had to share it… I mean, he didn’t quite nail the lyrics, lol. But he’s great on his little guitar, and has so much enthusiasm. So adorable, and just cracked me up.

Do you have a favorite YouTube video? Share it in the comments… I don’t feel like getting any work done today….



  1. Theresa Leschmann says

    OMG! Those kids are so funny.That first one was amazing. I bet we hear more from him.

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing with us Meagan!

  3. I love that last kid, Sapphire stalks him! He is her future husband lol.

  4. Tracey Taylor says

    the 4 year old one singing jambalaya isnt 4 years old anymore he is hunter hayes and is now a country star. he is like 21 now

  5. There is so much on youtube that I do want to miss. I enjoy watching the stuff you find. Good stuff.

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