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Weight Loss Simplified

Weight Loss Simplified: Another week, another pound lost – yeah bay-bee! It’s been amazing how simple it is to lose weight on Nutrisystem, since I had absolutely no luck at all on my own. And next week is another big week: I’m taking new measurements, to see if I’ve lost as many inches all around as I did last time. {Fingers crossed!} I know that after following the Nutrisystem diet for almost 3 months now, I’m finally able to fit into my old pre-baby jeans again – so it’s definitely working! But – since I’m getting closer to the end of my 4-month program, I’m starting to educate myself even more on some smart habits to maintain this exciting weight loss on my own.

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Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated

I think that the main reason Nutrisystem worked so well for me is because it’s so easy to use. Each month they ship me all of my meals – prepacked into perfect portion sizes, with just the right balance of nutrition and protein. They give me a great log book to help me track everything that I eat, so I know how to keep my metabolism running on high. Everything is just so grab and go, and a total no brainer. How could you NOT lose, right? They even provide options like brownies, burgers, and mashed potatoes. Mmmm – and have you checked out the recipe for Turkey Burger with Onion-Apple Relish? SO GOOD!

What I’ve learned on Nutrisystem so far:

When I first started this program, the portion sizes were a shock! I had NO idea that I was eating such oversize amounts. I ate healthy foods – just WAY too much of them. But now I’m so used to seeing the “right” sized portions that I’ll be able to better judge how much to dish up on my own. I’ve also realized how much better I feel when switching out the white rice, bread, and other simple carbs for the whole grain versions. I honestly like the taste of the healthier grains, and notice I’m a lot less puffy then I used to be. Eating so much more veggies has also really helped me feel better – Cleaner. Fresher. It’s like I have a personal chef – my meals are pretty much ready to go every night when I am, I just have to take a minute and heat them up. Sweet.


Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting It’s simple to get started, the foods are actually really good, with loads of variety. Heck – you even get to have chocolate cake or ice cream each night for dessert, how great is that? Get started today – it’s the best choice you’ll make this year!


{Disclaimer: I’m receiving a complimentary membership and access to all Nutrisystem products and services, to review here for you. All opinions and results here are 100% my own personal experience – and may vary for others.}


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