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Weekly Bloggertunities – 4/4

leads, sponsored posts, and more for bloggers

“Opportunity is always knocking. The problem is that most people have the self-doubt station in their head turned up way too loud to hear it.” – Brian Vaszily

In the blogging world, there are SO many amazing opportunities out there to find. The more networks you join, the more people you connect with, the more posts you write… They all lead you on new paths – and many times to some amazing things. So, in everything that you do, every day – be the type of person that others want to work with. There are so many people that I’ve met over the past year that are awesome – always there to help me, answer questions, or just give me a cyber-high-five when I have cool news to share – there are also other people who seem to want to tear down every idea anyone comes up with, and make sure that everyone knows that they – and their ideas – are the best. But, while being pushy and domineering may get you ahead for awhile, in the long-run, being someone who is known as fun, positive, and helpful will bring you far more success and happiness. So my tip this week is to make sure, in every online interaction that you have, that you are the kind of person that others will want to work with again! :)

Freelance Writing and Guest Posting

Finding new places to share your writing can be a great way to reach new readers, drive new traffic to you site – or just a fun outlet to write about other topics that don’t fit your blog’s niche. {And there area a couple sweet writing contests to enter too!}

  1. Bloggy Momazine: is looking for new writers to add to their current line-up. There’s no info included on whether this is a paid writing opp, or if it’s just a great way to guest post and build traffic – But you can apply here if interested: Write for Bloggy Momazine.
  2. Real Simple: The Simply Stated Blogger Contest – Write a post telling them the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to give up to balance your schedule, and be entered to win a chance to blog for them, and a cash prize. Very cool.
  3. ProBlogger: Enter to win 1 of 10 spots as a Queensland Blogger Correspondent. This is an over-the-top amazing opportunity, and one that I would love so much. I’ve wanted to visit Australia since I was a little girl – it totally intrigues me.
  4. Examiner: I love being able to connect with more local readers through this column, and share some of the really cool things that are going on in my city – that might not be that interesting to readers on my blog. If you’re an expert on a fun topic in YOUR city – sign up as a writer for today.
  5. Blogger LinkUp: This is a cool way to find new opportunities for guest posting, and get quality back-links to your site. Really diverse stuff to choose from – Join Blogger LinkUp.
  6. Squidoo: I’ve heard that this gets addicting really quickly – and I’m eager to get started writing here. The pages you make – called “lenses” – look really cool, and are fun to create. And you can earn bonus extra cash and Amazon sales too.

Have you found some great ways to earn extra income from writing, other than your own blog? Do you do free guest posting, in an attempt to connect with new readers? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments!

Sponsored Stuff & Reviews

Sponsored posts can be a great way to earn extra income from your awesome writing skills – if you make sure that their a good fit for your blog, and your audience.

  1. Bookieboo: Apply to be a part of their team for this year, and have opportunities for sponsored posts, hosting twitter parties, or other fun campaigns. She’s working with lots of brands with a lifestyle, health, fitness, intimate OR nutritional focus. If you are a good fit for these types of campaigns, apply to be a part of the team at Bookieboo.
  2. Social Spark: Great way to get sponsored posts. Pay ranges from a lower end of $15-$20 per post for newer bloggers, to $50-$100 per post for more experienced bloggers. I’ve seen posts up to $200 each, although they’re not as common. Apply today – Social Spark Sponsored Posts – and if you aren’t approved, let me know, and I’ll see if I can help!

What are some of your best tips on finding sponsored posts and fun campaigns? Do you have any favorite networks that you use? Share some advice in a comment below.

Monetize Your Site

While there are a million reasons why we blog – and so many amazing experiences that are out there, just waiting to be connected with new bloggers – we do still all have bills to pay, right?

  1. Amazon: This isn’t available in some parts of the country, but if you live in a state that is still eligible, I definitely suggest that all bloggers sign up as an Amazon Affiliate, no matter what type of blog you have. If you have a recipe, you can link to some favorite kitchen gadgets or utensils that are helpful, if you’re writing a review you can link to the product on Amazon, etc.
  2. Integrate: I really like the unique tools available here, and the wide variety of higher paying offers. Plus, for me, the conversions are MUCH better than on many other networks. Join today. {Already using Integrate, but not sure how to work it well? Read How to Get Started with}
  3. Escalate: My favorite thing about this network? That they pay out around the 10th or so of each month, for the previous month. I don’t know anyone else that pays that fast! Very cool. Join
  4. MySavings Media: If you post a lot of freebies and deals, this is a perfect network for you. And if you DON’T post those types of deals, you’ll still find some great things here to promote – cooking, baby stuff, crafts, and more. Join MySavings Media.
  5. Logical Media: This was one of the first sites that I joined when I started blogging, and still use it today. Wide variety of offers, and very responsive management team. Join Logical Media.
If you have a favorite network that you use to earn with, feel free to leave a comment with some info on why you love it – with your affiliate link, so we can all join too.

Other Cool Stuff

Here are a few more randomly cool things that I thought you might find helpful, fun, or informative.

  1. Mamavation: They’re looking for some super motivated mommas to join their weight loss bootcamp-from-home course. You’ll turn your life upside down, in a good way! – and they’ll get some awesome swag and support. Apply for Mamavation.
  2. These are the BEST business cards I’ve ever used, and with a busy conference season coming up, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your own business cards to something really rad. There are so many unique ideas, the paper quality rocks, and I totally recommend these – Get awesome blogging business cards. {Check out the mini-cards too – so fun!}
  3. Pinterest: I’ve got a whole board devoted to just Blogging & Social Media tips – there are a ton of really great articles, videos, tips, and tutorials on there. Check it out, and maybe you’ll find some of them helpful too!

Got any randomly cool tips or finds of your own this week? Feel free to share them in the comments! I love reading tips from you guys.

Have a great week!



  1. Have I told you how much I love this series?!! I always find something new when you post this!! Right now, my fave is Social Fabric because I’m new to it and I’m getting some great opps. I just joined a new site, Cyber Connect, because I saw it advertised on Simply Stacie…but I’m too new to it to say whether I’m going to like it. Thank you for pulling all of this together every week!!

  2. What a great list. I’m glad I found your blog on the list for this month’s NaBloPoMo. I’ve had the chance to devote some time to writing without the distractions of teaching. It’s been hard to focus on which opportunities to pursue, so posts like this mean a lot.

  3. I look forward to reading this series every week. Thanks a bunch for all of your tips! I’m going to try Squidoo.
    For the extra writing ideas, I think I might have already commented on another post—but I submit articles to for quick, easy cash.

  4. Thanks as always girly! You’re the best :D

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