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Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit – Coming Soon! #NikeKids

After just returning from an amazing conference in Texas earlier this month – we’re off on another adventure again this week! I’ve been invited to attend the first ever Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit, at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Since this event is all about young athletes, I’m bringing my nephew with me too. This is such an amazing opportunity for him, and I can’t wait to meet the Nike crew and see what they have in store for us.

Young Athletes Innovation Summit with Nike

“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen.” – Nike Running Ad

Nike is such an amazingly powerful brand. Not only are they known worldwide as the best in athletic gear, they’re also such a motivating and inspiring company. From the great products, to the ads that encourage you to strive for success – when you think Nike, you think awesome. To be hand-selected by Nike to attend this event is a pretty big honor.

Nike Worldwide Headquarters

“Just Do It.” – Nike

This is a preview of what we will be seeing soon – We head to this amazing Nike HQ on Thursday morning. It’s my nephew’s first time flying, and he’s excited about it… But not even close to the level of excitement he has about checking out the Nike campus! A few of the things he has to look forward to – and Innovation session with the Nike design team, a meet and greet with an Olympic athlete, some sports sessions, and a dip in the Lance Armstrong Center Pool with the other kids. Um, can you say “Dream come true??” He is going to have a total blast.

Super high kick on soccer field

“My better is better than your better.” – My Favorite Nike Ad Quote

My two nephews live with me part time – this is the older little guy. He’s 8, and a total sports super star. Me? I was NEVER good at sports. Ever. I don’t just have two left feet – I might even have three! Lol. I was always in awe of people who had the ability to jump into a sport and rock it – and I’ve been so proud to see the drive, determination, and excitement that my nephew shows as part of his many competitive teams. He’s awesome.

kids kick on the soccer field

“There is no finish line.” – Nike Ad Quote

I love that Nike has planned this event to focus on innovation in kids sports. There is so much focus on adults in sports – developing the perfect gear to optimize performance – but not always as much attention paid to what kids need. And a kids body is not just a smaller version of an adult – they can have very different needs, and those needs change quickly as they grow. {Ever tried keeping a growing boy in pants that fit? Yep. They change overnight sometimes!} I’m really excited to learn what Nike is doing, and what cool products they have on the horizon!

Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

We head out on our trip this Thursday, April 26th – and spend a fun day relaxing and meeting the other families at The Nines, in Downtown Portland. Then we spend the whole day Friday at the Nike HQ! And while you can’t come with me – I’m still going to include you in all of the fun! I’ll be tweeting from @sunandsipcups about the event – you can follow everyone’s tweets with #NikeKids. And I’ll be posting TONS of photos and updates to Facebook and Instagram too!! {Find me on Instagram at @sunandsipcups.}

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nike via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike.}




  1. This sounds like such an exciting and wonderful experience – hope you and your nephew have a great time!

  2. It sounds like you’re going to have a blast! How lucky to be chosen to go :)

  3. How exciting! I love it that Nike is including your family in this event. Have a wonderful time!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Me too! So many events are just focused on us – It’s really cool to be able to share some of what I do with my family. And he is SUCH a sports guy, he is going to have crazy amounts of fun!

  4. Oh that sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  5. How great that you are going to be able to take one of your nephews. Sounds like an awesome event for him! (and you!) Nike is just the greatest brand. I love all their messages

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