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Diet for a Day – See My Results

Have you been wondering how my Nutrisystem journey is going? Wondering why you hadn’t seen an update lately? Well – I missed last week’s post, and am late on this week’s, because my site got hacked and was down for almost 6 days! Yikes, right? But as of this morning – I’m BAAACK, bay-bee!! And I’m here to share a little more about how things are going for me, and what results I’m seeing. But first – I’d like to give you a taste of what it’s like following the Nutrisystem plan. Check it out, see if it’s a good fit for you too – and learn my latest results at the bottom of the post…

Nutrisystem Ham & Cheese Omelet

Breakfast Time – 6:00 am

I love so many of the breakfast options at Nutrisystem – but this one is definitely my favorite. Super yummy, and so filling. I have this in the morning with one of the awesome chocolate shakes – Love that cool shaker container that they send for mixing these. Works amazing! And the protein in the shakes really does help me from getting hungry again for awhile. Plus, all breakfast frozen options take only 1-2 minutes to pop in the microwave, making it quick and easy to grab and then jump on the computer and get to work.

Morning Snack Time – 9:00 am

A couple hours after breakfast I grab a quick snack. For this option, you add in what’s called a PowerFuel – things like a string cheese, yogurt, or a hard-boiled egg. You can also add in a non-starchy veggie too, if you’re hungry. {Some days are crazier than others – and with all the rushing around, I find myself hungrier than usual!} I also love that the snacks that are good for my diet are also good for the kids – and make great healthy options for Abby to snack with me during the day.

Nutrisystem Margherita Pizza

Lunch Time: 12:00 noon

For lunch, you just grab any of your easy to prepare options, and they’re even marked with the big lunch label, making them easy to find. You can get frozen options like an Italian Style Turkey & Sausage Melt or this uh-MAY-zing Margherita Pizza, or shelf-stable portions of soups or pastas. Pair your lunch entree with another PowerFuel, and as many non-starchy veggies as you like! I usually build a big salad at lunch time – it fills me up, and gets me a ton of servings of veggies. {You’re allowed 3 “extras” per day – which is where you get the dressing for your salad.}

Afternoon Snack: 3:00 pm

I eat a snack right before the boys get home from school – so that I’m full, and not tempted to eat any of the not-so-diet-friendly snacks that they might crave when they get home. The afternoon snack is a SmartCarb – I usually add in a fruit – something like raisins, an orange, or a banana. If I’m not using many extras in my days meals – I’ll have a bowl of strawberries and a bit of non-fat whip cream. Mmmmmm :)

Nutrisystem Citrus BBQ Glazed Pork

Dinner time: 6:00 pm

This is my FAVORITE of the Nutrisystem dinner entrees – the Citrus BBQ Glazed Pork! The texture of the meat is amazing, I’ve never had a frozen dinner be so good. The flavor is awesome – the combo of sweet and spicy is SO good. At dinner you add another SmartCarb – so I usually add a whole grain roll, or a side of baked beans if it fits the meal. Then I add more veggies – either another big salad, or my favorite – A big serving of green beans! Man, I could eat a whole can of those. I can’t wait until my garden gets going this year, and I can have fresh ones each night. I love that all of my meals, all day long, are already measured to perfect portions, balanced with great nutrition, and protein-packed to keep me powered up. It’s so simple to grab, munch and enjoy, and go!

Dessert: 9:00 pm

While I finish up blogging work at the computer late at night, I always crave a little treat. That is my very favorite thing about the Nutrisystem plan – they make it easy to follow by not restricting you from your favorite foods. Every single night you can choose a dessert – from a piece of chocolate cake or a white-chocolate chunk cookie – to frozen options like a creamy fudge or orange cream bar. If you’re more of a salty type, you can choose from cheese puffs or buttery popcorn. Love it, right?

Read more about my Nutrisystem Weight Loss journey, and follow my Weight Loss board on Pinterest too!

Now… For the Results!

Well, I have to admit it – I didn’t see as much loss the past two weeks as I would have liked to. But, I was also at a conference in Texas for 4 days – and between the hotel breakfast, airport food, and dinners out, it was really tough to stay on track. But – thanks to following this plan for so long now, I am totally able to make better choices, and realize what a “real” portion looks like. {Can you say – Doggie Bag Please??} – But, I AM still losing! Last weigh in was 179 pounds. I’m now at 177 – so only a pound per week for the past two weeks. BUT…

My Last Measurements

These were taken at the end of my first month on the Nutrisystem plan, and I saw a decrease in every single category, versus my original measurements. Not a huge change – but it was measurable, and that totally thrilled me.

  • Upper Arms: 13.0
  • Chest: 41.5
  • Waist: 36.0
  • Hips: 43.5
  • Thighs: 24.5
So… What did I see in this next set of measurements?? I’d only lost 2 pounds, but I HAD been super active. With the travel, the constant action of the conference I attended, and the extra exercise that I’ve been adding into my day, I was hoping to see at least a slight change….

My New Measurements:

These were taken today – Date: 04/24/2012. Check ’em out babeeeeee – I am so super excited to see that again, I have lost a measurable amount in EVERY single category. How amazing is this??

  • Upper Arms: 12.0
  • Chest: 42.0
  • Waist: 35.5
  • Hips: 41.5
  • Thighs: 22.5

If you add it all up – that’s a total of 6 inches that I’ve lost off of this body! Woah. Yes – the results are not super dramatic. But – this is not a quick-fix diet. This is all about healthy lifestyle changes, and long-term weight loss. I am totally blown away by both how easy it is, and how effective it’s been for me – even when I’m not able to follow it perfectly, while I’m away on business trips. Imagine what it can do for you too!


Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting It’s simple to get started, the foods are actually really good, with loads of variety. Heck – you even get to have chocolate cake or ice cream each night for dessert, how great is that? Get started today – it’s the best choice you’ll make this year!

{Disclaimer: I’m receiving a complimentary membership and access to all Nutrisystem products and services, to review here for you. All photos, opinions, and results here are 100% my own personal experience – and may vary for others.}


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