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Kissaboos Make Boo Boos All Better


“You know you’re a mother when the smallest wimper from your child can wake you from a dead sleep.” – Linda Poindexter

One of the most important jobs a momma has is to save the day when little ones get hurt. And if you have a toddler – you know that are constantly getting hurt. In my house, the enthusiasm for climbing, running, jumping, and discovering isn’t matched by the skill for all those fun activities, lol. So we get lots of bumps and boo boos, which can lead to lots of tears and pouting. Most moms learn really quickly that putting a fun band-aid on any type of ouch makes it better fast – whether that band-aid is actually needed or not. And that’s the same type of idea behind the Kissaboo – it’s a reusable, washable, adorable solution for boo boos, bug bites, bruises and more. Read on – you’ll love this product!

boo boos on toddlers

“A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” – Author Unknown

A kiss from mom also makes things all better for most little ones injuries too – and there have even been studies that show that kissing your child’s boo boos may lead to better health. So when you combine the comfort of a band-aid and the love of some kisses into one product, you get the Kissaboo. It works great in SO many situations:

  1. To cover a band-aid, so little fingers don’t keep peeling it off.
  2. For bug-bites or other itchy spots, to keep kids from scratching too much.
  3. For all of those “invisable” owies that kids always want band-aids for.
  4. To keep trouble spots covered up – Like a bandaged up knee from a fall on a bike.
  5. To cover scary looking bumps or bruises.
  6. To keep an IV in safely, if kids are getting medical procedures. {Be sure to get the doctor’s ok on this.}
  7. To prevent thumb sucking.

And there are tons more ideas that you’ll think of once you start using these in your home. From my little girl, who is 19 months old – to my nephews, who are 5 and 8, these work perfectly in every situation.

fixing boo boos for kids

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.” – Mildred B. Vermont

See? A Kissaboo cover makes any boo boo all better! The covers come in a package of three, so you get several options to fit any type of ouch that comes up. They’re washable, so that they can be used over and over – and that will save you loads of money, since you won’t have to waste so many band-aids on “invisible” owies. And – they’re totally adorable! See those little kisses on the cover? Love it. Want to check out more on the Kissaboo? Check out the adorable little guy over at Mallery’s Deals showing how a baby rocks the Kissaboo, then check out some great close-up product shots of the different covers included in the kit on Cinnamon Hollow.

buy the Kissaboo

Learn More and Enter to WIN!

You can learn more about the Kissaboo cover, and other great products that are – Solutions for Everyday Living –  from Vive Vita on their site. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on new products and promotions. Love learning about the best new products for babies and kids? Then check out my boards on Pinterest too – and feel free to pin any images here to your own boards.

Enter to WIN a Kissaboo set – as well as all the other mom-invented health and safety products too – in this weeks Mompact Bundle Package Giveaway!



  1. I dread the day that my kisses no longer make my daughter’s boo boos go away.

  2. I think this is a fun product that can make kids feel better.

  3. that’s funny – the things they come up with! This is cute though – my kids would love that!

  4. Interesting concept. I guess these would work better for younger kids. My fashion conscience 5 year old boy would want nothing to do with a product like this! He thinks he’s too cool for cutesy stuff! lol

  5. What a fun idea, I know my toddler would love this!

  6. Well isn’t that a neat little product. If I had this, I know my kids would be asking for it, especially for those “invisible” boo boos. :)

  7. What a cute idea!

  8. Those are so adorable. I wish they had them around when my kids were younger!

  9. Very cute. What a neat idea. Love your post. Your daughter is adorable too.

  10. This is a really cute idea. Brilliant actually. So many times those band aids come off….

  11. I really wish they had these when my lil man was smaller! I do love the idea and the uses for it so I will recommend it for my friends that are having babies or have little ones!

  12. Haha, I need a set of these with boxing gloves on the end. Every time my two boys horse around, they end up wanting band-aids!

  13. This is such a cute Idea! I need one for my hubby! haha

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