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Celebrate Motherhood with the Forever Moments….

Mother's Day, Photos, photo gifts for mothers day“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.” – Rajneesh

That is my favorite quote of all time. It describes how I feel about becoming a mother – so simple, and so perfectly. My life changed dramatically the day Abby was born, and she is the total sunshine of my life. I had never planned to have children, and was overwhelmed by what a beautiful experience it was when I unexpectedly became a mother a year and a half ago. I’ve cherished every single moment since then – Through the sleepless nights and endless diapers, to the new toddler tantrums and catastrophes. It’s a hard job, but the benefits package kind of rocks.

“I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine – she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.” – Terri Guillemets

Want to celebrate YOUR favorite mom moments? The Forever Moments has an amazing way to help you do so – They get your favorite photos out of a box, and into premade scrapbook pages that are as unique and beautiful as your family! Each piece is handmade just for you, with perfectly detailed embellishments, and your own personalized names and dates. You can purchase them with or without a frame, and there are so many layouts, colors, and designs that you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your favorite moment.

affordable photo art, personalized family photo

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” – Linda Wooten

This is my favorite photo of my little family… It was taken very late in the fall, and there was actually some snow on the ground already! But the totally amazing Amber Miller found one spot that was still bright with colorful fall leaves, and was able to capture the three of us sharing a fun moment. A super special picture needs an equally special presentation – and I just love the design of this Family Portrait design. {Tip: This design is able to fully customized with your family name. Long story, but Mike, Abby, and I all have different last names right now – we’re in the process of changing his. So I just had it printed with a basic message of “Our Family” instead.} It’s surprising how hard it is to get a really great picture, of a picture – But trust me, this looks even more beautiful in person. The details are all made from such high-quality paper, with gorgeous texture. It’s the perfect addition to our family photo wall, there is a perfect design choice just waiting to be created for your own photo wall – and this would make a perfect gift for a special mom in your life for Mother’s Day!

“Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds.  Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, comrades and friends – but only one mother in the whole world.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin

Celebrate the special mother in your life this year with a gorgeous, handmade, and totally unique piece of art from The Forever Moments! Check out the amazing selection of Mommy Moment design choices, or browse any of the other great categories too – like family, celebrations, sports, baby & more! And since it’ll be super hard to choose just one – I’ve got a special coupon code just for my readers!

Use code SUNSHINE to save 25% off your whole purchase, until March 30th, so that you can stock up on additional gifts, and create the perfect piece for yourself, too!

The Forever Moments doesn’t just make products that look good, they DO good too – Instead of more candy or gift wrap, why not encourage your school to offer these pre-made, personalized scrapbook pages for their next school fundraiser? They can help you set up a great fundraising campaign, and your school earns 30% of purchases! Another way that The Forever Moments does good is by recognizing how difficult life is for the families of America’s military. For every Military layout purchased, they donate a $1 to, a wonderful group doing awesome things to support military families!

Love it? Then enter for a chance to WIN your favorite design – The Forever Moments Giveaway!! – Good luck!

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary design from The Forever Moments, so that I could go through the selection and order process, and check out the quality of their work. All opinions, photos, and overuse of exclamation points are 100% my own :)}



  1. I would love to get a professional family photo. I think the best one of us, maybe the only one of us, was when my son was 10 months…and he’s 4 now!!

  2. Wow they do a really good job! I have never heard of them! I will have to look in this further, my in laws live in Africa and have never met their grandson this would be a sweet way to do it!

  3. Ive been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to scrapbook at all since my son was born three years ago. And now I have 2 kids! This would be the perfect opportunity. Love what they have to offer.

  4. I have never heard of this company before! Thanks for sharing! I have been slacking on my scrap booking… now I am inspired to get started again!

  5. I love how you framed your scrapbook page..and it is soo special, I would do that too, est.2006 ;)

  6. Great idea! We literally have boxes of professional photographs the we never framed because I could never decide how exactly I wanted to display them. These frames make it easy!

  7. Becoming a mom is a life changing experience that is for sure! Love these creative frames for capturing the special moments!

  8. This is such an awesome Mother’s Day idea! I love it! Thanks so much for once again sharing a creative and amazing idea!

  9. Talking about my mom is not the best idea, but I’ll tell you that my stepmother is the kindest, most loving person I have ever known!!

  10. I have one of their framed photo layouts hanging on my wall and I love it! I always get compliments on it. I like yours a lot. Cute family!

  11. What pretty pictures! I really need to organize the kids photos one of these days.

  12. I love about my mom seeing the grandma she’s’s a whole new side of her I never knew existed..she acts like a child again playing with my kids, it’s fabulous to watch.

  13. Erica Chao says

    My mom was always the most caring mom and grandma ever. I wish she was here now to see her beautiful granddaughter that was just born.

  14. Lauren Rasor says

    I have never heard of this company before! Thanks for sharing! I do shutterfly for everything! Love your stuff!

  15. celeste heairld says

    I love my momma because she has been, and still always there when It really counts.

  16. debbie berry says

    I love my momma for her unconditional love & because I can tell her all my secrets & I know they are safe , she’s always there for me & she taught me to be the woman that I am today!

  17. My mom has saved my butt more times than I can tell you. She’s the best “Nanni” to all of her grandkids though, and that’s what makes her so awesome.

  18. Vanessa Dalton says

    My mom is loving, caring, giving, and always helps others.

  19. I love my Mom because of all the traditions she created for our family, which I now pass on to my kids.

  20. My mom and I are super close! I can tell her anything, and she obviously always has the best advice!

  21. Karina Lee says

    i love that my mom always had fun with me

  22. I love my mom because she gave us tough love, and taught me how to be a great mother. I still go to her for mommy advice!

  23. tamma Borzotra says

    I love my Mom because she taught me so much. How to can, make quilts, make apple butter! So much knowledge to share with us!

  24. I love my mom because she supports me.

  25. I love my mom because she works hard and is very persistent.

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