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Your Blogging Business: Tax Time Tips are Here!

Tax Book Tips

Blogging + Taxes = Confusion!

I know that when I started blogging last year – {can you believe it’s been almost a year already that I’ve had this site? Craaaazy….} – I didn’t realize all of the things that I should be keeping records of. I tracked my income {which of course wasn’t much at first} and I have a kind-of/sort-of list of the products I reviewed. I kept a list of some of my expenses, but don’t have receipts for so many other things because I had no idea I could write them off on my taxes! I’ve always done my own taxes, but was getting a little bit nervous this year, and contemplating seeing a professional {meaning = expensive} tax helper. Well, if you’ve been stressing over taxes too, this book can totally come to your rescue!

Who should NOT buy this book

This book can’t answer every tax question – there are so many different pieces, that sometimes you really do need expert advice. So if you made a ton of money from your blog, or if you paid employees to help you, or if you have a really unique question or problem – You might still need to talk to a pro. And if you made less than $400, your taxes are really pretty simple, and you may not need any extra help at all.

Who WILL be helped by this book

All the rest of us! Lol – But seriously. This book covers all of the core things that you need to know, in a fun, totally easy to read way. From how to track your expenses all year, to what can be written off at tax time – She can help you learn to maximize all of those business deductions that we’re entitled to get. And she has tons of great ideas to help you keep your info organized during the coming year – so that next tax season is a breeze!

Tax Book for Bloggers

Want to check it out too?

Click here to visit Your Blogging Business

The ebook is called Your Blogging Business – Tax Talk and Tips from a Bookkeeper turned Blogger. It’s only $4.99 for the book – and I tell ya, it’s well worth the few bucks!!



  1. I really need this to help me get organized for next year!

  2. Ugh, taxes, don’t even get me started! I love my accountant dearly for keeping us off the IRS’s radar.

  3. The most frustrating part is not all tax preparers give the same answers. It’s exhausting.

  4. I already filed my taxes this year but this looks like a really informative book!

  5. THanks for this. We were just talking about taxes tonight.

  6. This book looks great. I have so many questions about blogging and taxes now that I’m making money from blogging.

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