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Rockin’ Summer Footwear for Little Fashionistas!

Sparkly jewelry, accessories

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” – Robert Harling

I’m a total girl – I admit it. I’ve always said that sparkle is my favorite color. I love ruffly things, and bows, and pink, and shoes, and accessories. So, I am totally happy that my little one is already turning into quite the girly-girl too. I know – we shouldn’t have those stereotypes. And it’s not like I “make” her be a girl… She goes to the shop and “helps” daddy work on race cars. I bought her a dump truck for Christmas. She has a family of dinosaurs. But I can’t help it – I love that she gets into my jewelry box and fill up her arms with bangle bracelets. And she’s so funny when she puts on a pair of mommy’s high heels and walks around the house. The other day she even said sparkle for the first time – Ahhhh, totally amazing mother-daughter bonding moment over rhinestone cocktail rings. Love it.

havaianas sandals, kids sandals, shoes, flip flops for baby

“I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.” – Gilda Radner

In my “old life”, before baby and blog, I used to work in Fashion Merchandising and Management. Getting dressed to work at home is a lot different than those days, for sure. But, whether I’m getting all done up, or just dressing for a day in the home office – I love fashion, but it has to be comfy. And while I adore fancy, pretty heels – I absolutely LIVE in flip flops. My favorite brand has always been Havaianas, so I was totally excited when I found out that they now have a line of baby and kids sandals! Havaianas are my absolute favorite – They are amazingly comfortable, and are made out of much better materials than most flip flops – meaning that they look good as new even after a few seasons of regular wear. {My gold pair above? I’ve had those for 4 years now!}

Havaianas sandals, kids sandals, flip flops

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” – Paris Hilton

When Abby’s new kids Baby Pets sandals from Havaianas arrived, I was really pleased to see that they were just the same high quality as the sandals that I’m used to buying for myself. {Some brands tend to make “cheaper” versions of their products for kids. Hate that.} I’m telling you – I have 4 pairs of Havaianas sandals, and wear them to death. What makes them different than others is that the soles don’t wear down – You can feel the difference when you walk in them too, they’re so comfortable! Plus, when you buy a cheap sandal, the pattern on the shoe wears off after a week or two – not so on Havaianas. So that adorable little cat graphic on Abby’s new sandals will still look just as good at the end of the summer as it does today! If you have a little fashionista too, and want her to rock the same trendy summer footwear that you do – You’ve got to check out their new collections!

kids shoes, kids sandals, kids fashion

Get Your Own Pair of Havaianas!

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new products and promotions. And to get your own pair, shop online at!

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary pair of kids sandals from Havaianas so that I could share a review with you ladies – But all photos, opinions, and over-use of exclamation points is totally my own! I love Havaianas and I know you will too!}



  1. Very cute!!! My daughter would LOVE these! Thanks for sharing. Totally pinning this!

  2. These are so adorable! I love flip flops and I wish that my son’s feet weren’t so chubby! He can’t quite wear them yet but maybe by summer!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      My little one has REALLY wide feet- and these actually fit her better than most sandals. Order a little bigger than usual, since these do run kind of small – And they should work just fine! :)

  3. I love havianas. I have one pair in nearly every colour. They are so comfy and they are my shoe of choice at the beach during summer. Thanks for the share :)

  4. My daughter’s toes were not designed for flip flops. They are definitely still little sausages. But for me, I wear them all the time. I need to check out this brand!

  5. My bebita used to have some havanas also, but our maltese poodle chewed them. Cute flip flops and kid.

  6. These are my favorite!!!!

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