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Organize Your Online Life with Clipix

New tool to Save Cool Online Content

I’m on the web all day. From checking my Facebook page in the morning, browsing my favorite blogs and craft sites, reading the newest articles on blogging and social media – or even just searching for a new recipe to try for tomorrow’s dinner – I use the internet for just about everything. I love that any question can be answered with a quick Google search, any idea can be shared with a few taps of a keyboard, and all of the info I could ever want access to is at my fingertips…. But, the one thing I hate is that it can be difficult to keep all of the cool online content that I find organized so that it’s easy to find again when I need it!

Busy Mom Solution – Clipix to the Rescue!

You are going to LOVE this site – Now, instead of bookmarking all of those cool sites you want to check out again, you can Clip It! You add the clipix button to your toolbar, and when you find something awesome you want to save, you save it with these simple steps:

  • Click the Clipix button.
  • Choose the picture that you want to remember the page with.
  • Choose the board you want to add it to – Things like Recipes, Articles to Read, or start a fashion board to save items you might want to buy while you’re “window shopping” on the web! You can make it a private board, open to your friends, or open to anyone. Love that feature!
  • Then it autofills with the title of the page – Change it, or leave it as is. 
  • You’re done! You’ve clipped a new little piece of the web and added it to your own clipboard! Awesome, right?

Why should you use

Well, I really can’t think of anyone who WOULDN’T benefit from this super duper cool tool. No matter what you do online – Browse creative sites, run and promote your business, socialize with friends – This site is perfect for you. Another really awesome feature is the ability to make Syncboards – These are boards that you can collaborate on with your friends. Planning a Bachelorette party for a girl friend? Add everyone to the Syncboard, so you each share all of the fun party ideas you find in one spot! Or – If you’re working on a business project, add the whole team to one Syncboard to share information quickly and easily. The ideas are pretty much endless, right?

  • Meal Ideas
  • Shopping 
  • Holiday Gift Ideas
  • DIY Ideas for Your Home
  • Plan Your Childs Birthday Party
  • Articles for Business

What will You use Clipix for?

The sign up for a new account is ridiculously easy – Sign in using either your Facebook or Twitter account, and add the Clipix button to your toolbar. Then start wandering the web, and clipping your favorite finds! Once you get started, let me know in the comments – What is your favorite feature of How will you use it to help you organize your online life? What boards are you excited to start adding clips to? I love hearing from you guys!

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  1. Seems a lot like Pinterest doesn’t it? I joined and I figure I will use them for different things.
    Thanks !!

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