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Caregiver for Your Parents? This Tip Can Save a Life!

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Are you a caregiver?

It’s hard for me to accept sometimes that my parents are getting older. I still picture them like they were when I was a kid. Plus, if THEY’RE getting older, that means I am too, which I have been having a hard time with since I turned 30. When the heck did I turn into an adult?? But – As our parents get older, you start thinking about how you’ll take care of them as they age. What if something happens to them? What if they get sick? Usually it falls to us, the daughters, to be the caregivers.

My Parents

My mom is still mostly healthy – She’s super active, works at a pretty physical job, is an amazing gardener, loves to dance. And her and I live together, which means I know she’s taken care of. But my father has had a lot of health problems. He broke his hip a year ago, and still has a lot of trouble getting around. He also recently moved to Seattle, on the other side of the state, so my brothers and I can’t stop in to check on him like we used to. I worry about him a lot, and hate that he’s so far away.

Help in an Emergency

We had gotten him set up with a medical emergency reporting system when we first moved him to his new house – Just in case. Like I said, he has a hard time getting around, and is known to fall and have a tough time getting to the phone. He thought it was a silly idea, and didn’t want to get it – I explained to him that it wasn’t even for HIM, it was for me, so I wouldn’t worry quite as much. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS he agreed – Two weeks ago he got incredibly sick. So sick he couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t call anyone. But – his Medical Alert system is right next to the bed, so he was able to get an ambulance. He ended up needing emergency surgery. The surgeon said that the doctor he had here in town had missed some major problems for over a year now – if he hadn’t had this surgery, he could have died!

Protect Your Family

I am now such a big believer in these medical alert systems, and recommend them to anyone who has an older family member, friend, or loved one that has trouble getting around. It gives you piece of mind, and it can be a lifesaver for them. There are a ton of options out there to check out, and the cost is really not at all as high as I had expected.

What do you think?

Have you ever used any type of Medical Alert for your family? Do you have a close call story like this too? Share your stories or advice in the comments, to help others who are reading this find the best solution for their families too.



  1. I was a caregiver to my father in law. I gave him his medication, checked his blood sugar and administered insulin, make him food, helped him in and out of bed when he was worse and even had to bathe him twice. I called the ambulance many times and I dealt with the nurses that came to see him. He lived with us and there was always someone home so he didn’t have something like that but we did but a baby monitor in his room since we slept on a different floor. He balked at it till the time came he fell out of bed and we wouldn’t have heard him calling otherwise.

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