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Wikets – Rec it for Sweet Rewards!

Thank you to Wikets for introducing me to this iPhone/iPad app. You can download Wikets from the App Store here – Wikets App – available Nov. 7.

The Simply Rewarding Way to Share Your Best Recommendations!

So, you know how you’re always on the look out for the coolest new things – like the yummiest restaurant, the hottest music, or the best deal on amazing shoes? And you know how when you find that great stuff, your first thought is to share it with your friends? If right now you’re like “I totally know what you’re talking about Meagan!!” – then guess what? You’re in luck. There’s an app for that. A cool one.

Introducing my new BFF – The Wikets App!!

The brand new Wikets app was released just a few days ago, and is available to download for your iPhone and iPad. It’s totally free, totally awesome, and I’m totally going to tell you all about it! Keep reading to learn why I think it will rock your socks –

Top 5 Reasons why Wikets is amazing:

  • 1. It’s FREE: That’s my favorite price.
  • 2. It’s fun: Who doesn’t love sharing cool stuff with their friends, and earning cool rewards, right?
  • 3. It’s helpful: When you have the Wikets App, you can browse around by location, and see restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, and more, that people have recommended. Want to try somewhere new for dinner? Type in Mexican Restaurant, search locally – and find a brand new spot that one of your girlfriends has “rec’d” on the site!
  • 4. It’s Rewarding: On Wikets, you add places, products, and services that you love – that’s called a “rec” – and the more active you are, the more points you earn! Plus, while you’re browsing on Wikets, if you see a super cool rec that you love, you can go directly to purchase it – which rewards you with even more points. Those points can then be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite stores!
  • 5. It’s Social: Get your friends to join {be sure to share my code, SunshineSippy, so they get BONUS points for joining – see more on this below!} – so you can all get started sharing great stuff, and you can find new favorite places and products that they share.

How it Works:

Grab the Wikets App today, for your iPhone or iPad – and use my fan exclusive bonus code – SunshineSippy!

Once you’ve got the app, you start by answering  a few questions from them, to get your first rec’s added – things like your favorite song and favorite restaurant. {You can see a few of my favorites in the pic!} Then you can add other favorites – anything from one of their partners, which include big favorites like iTunes, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and more. If you can pull a location up on Yelp or Foursquare, you can rec it. And if it has a barcode, you can rec that too! So it’s super easy to find tons of favorites to add.

It’s a Social App!

The whole point of this app {well, of course besides earning sweet freebies!} is to share your rec’s with your friends and followers – the more people sharing, the more useful the app is for everyone. It’s kind of like how when you check out a cool new club, you want to share it on Facebook, so all of your friends will know about it too – well now, you can rec it on Wikets, earn points, help other users learn about it, then share it directly to your Facebook page too!

How to Find Cool Stuff

On Wikets, you have a little bar on the bottom of the screen – you can just browse new rec’s, check out local stuff, see what your friends have rec’d, and more. So it’s always easy to stay updated on what’s new and awesome. Love it, right?

Get Started Today!

Get the Wikets App from the App Store Today!

Regular users get 200 points for signing up. But you, and anyone you want to share my unique promo code with, will get an EXTRA BONUS 200 points!!  {Promo Code: SunshineSippy}You’ll also earn double points when you start too! There are tons of rewards to choose from, but an example is – 2500 points = $25 Amazon Gift Card. Adds up super quick, trust me!

  • After you’ve installed the app, get started recommending products and places, adding to your wishlist, re-recing, etc.
  • Share with your friends! This app is much more fun when more people use it. Since it’s brand new, your friends will appreciate being introduced to it, so you can all be the first to start earning.

Get the new Wikets App today!! Use my code – SunshineSippy – to get BONUS points when joining, and share it with your friends too!!!

Don’t know how to add an app? Learn How to Download an App to your iPhone!

Check out Wikets:

Thank you to Wikets for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about the app. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own. #CleverWikets #spon



  1. Thanks so much for the great post! We’re so happy to have bloggers like you as part of our launch. That’s why we doubled the promo code bonus points for your readers, they just have to remember to enter “sunshinesippy” on the next screen after the first login page. Thanks again!

    Eunice @ Wikets

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