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{Outraged} Join Me in Boycotting – Abuse of Kids in Toy Ad’s is NOT Ok.

Read this:

They came at the promise of candy.

Wind blew hard at the top of the ledge, threatening to force anyone unprepared off the cliff to the rocky waters below. A robed man was the only one standing, doing so right at the edge of the drop while he emphatically performed for a small group of children sitting cross-legged in front of him.

“And now we will listen to the story of Hansel and Gretel,” he announced to the children, putting in another disc of the Children’s World 12 CD Box Set.
“You said there would be candy up here!” one child complained.
“I’m cold!” said another.
“I want to go home,” said a third, sparking a strong murmur of agreement.
“No one is going home until we finish all 290 of these songs, stories and activities!” he barked, silencing the group. “You’ll get your … candy … later.”
Oh they’ll get their candy, he thought to himself while acting out a performance of Robin Hood. They’ll ALL get their candy.

Hard to even believe this is real, right? 

You can see that it’s true – Children’s CD Boxed Set. This sounds like a molester or child murderer…. Pulling up to the school in his van, offering candy to kids, and then taking them away to a desolate place. “They’ll ALL get their candy.” This makes me feel sick to my stomach. I find NO humor in this, nor can I find any reason that this should be attached to a children’s product. There’s information and links at the bottom of this post, to let you know how you can help take action against this company, so that they understand that this is NOT ok.

Are you upset yet? It gets worse…

When I was first introduced to this site, to share their daily deals on kids toys, I thought the first description I read was just some bad attempt at being funny. But then I read a few more, and they got worse.

Read another, and see what I mean:

In the gumdrop forest of the fancy fancy woods lived a crazy little critter with the very best goods. Round and round all the little children play, ’til Carl comes out and says a big “Hey!”

Carl! The caaaaterpillar!
Carl! (He’s our favorite) caaaaterpillar!
Carl! Carl!
Carl! Carl!
Carl! Carl!
He’s our furry friend!

* * *
It was getting dark and the darling little children were getting worried that they still hadn’t found their fortuitous furry friend, Carl the Caterpillar. Seeing a large spotlight shooting out from one section of the gumdrop forest, the children ran over to see none other than Carl himself.
“HELOOOOOO!” he called out upon seeing his favorite little kids in the whole world.
“Carl!” the shouted back, smiling cheerfully.
“Kids, have you ever heard of the Batman?” he asked them; they shook their heads.
“OK kids, well let me tell you a story…”
Carl brought out the Bandai Knight Flight Batman Remote Control Helicopter and flew it around while telling them of the Batman and his pledge to be the hero we all deserved. The children were fascinated by the story and clapped at the end. When all the children finished clapping, they noticed someone else still was.
“Riveting…absolutely riveting,” came a voice from behind the children. Just before turning around they saw Carl’s eyes widen in fear.
“You get out of here, you,” Carl said flatly, mustering up some courage and anger.
“I’m sorry, is it the scars? Want to know how I got ’em?” the man said, grabbing Carl’s head and putting a knife up against his mouth. “My My father was….a drinker…and a fiend. And one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn’t like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. Turns to me and he says ‘Why so serious?’ Comes at me with the knife, ‘Why so serious?’ He sticks the blade in my mouth. ‘Let’s put a smile on that face!’ And….. Why so serious?”
Carl fell to the ground and the man turned around to face the children.

This is the copy that is on an advertisement on the site, for the “New Bandai Knight Flight Batman Remote Control Helicopter” – read it all here: Disgusting Children’s Ad on

Crossing the line

This is not just bad humor, or a joke that’s not my taste. I’m not easily offended. I go to motorcycle rally’s, I love to drink a cheap beer in a dive bar. But – this is the most over-the-line stuff I’ve ever read – and it’s being used to advertise CHILDREN’S TOYS. I think it’s more than just offensive…. Reading these posts leaves you with a yucky type of feeling. They’re all really sick, disturbing, and filled with violence. And they’re all posted on toys that they want you to buy for your kids. I don’t get it??

Read a few more:

  • Draw ‘N Dabble Easel: A story about a creepy guy at a playground, who’s setting up this toy so he can draw in children, then kidnap them and lock them in his basement.
  • Crayola Creativity Station: Get this so your kids don’t grow up to be worthless bums living in cardboard boxes drinking Colt beer out of paper bags. Oh, but they’ll get into drugs and alcohol in high school anyway, so whatever.
  • Knex Sesame Street Set: Dr. Elmo drives around the country stealing kids pets and eating them alive.
  • Lil’ Rider Battery Controlled Car: Dad uses remote to drive child in the car and make him run over the neighbors pet dog, then blames it on his kid while they watch and laugh.
  • LCD Alarm Clock: This is listed in the toys section, and talks about an intruder breaking into the home and threatening someone with a knife.
  • Crayola Color Wonder: A dirty old man appears and asks the children if they want to come with him and play with fire.

Are you outraged yet?

They’re using quality toys from reputable brands to get people to read this garbage. I can’t imagine that companies like Crayola or Disney are OK with having their names attached to disturbing stories like this. If these kind of inappropriate stories were partnered with adult products, I could just ignore this, and write it off as a company with extremely poor judgement and bad taste, and move on. But writing stories that appeal to sicko’s and creeps, stories that pretend like abusing, killing, or threatening children is lighthearted and entertaining – Well, that to me is crossing a line. A big one. I think this company should be forced to stop promoting the abuse of children, and offer a huge apology. An apology would not EVER make me a customer, but I think that the parents who’ve read this garbage deserve one.

Join Me in Telling them this is NOT Ok

  • If you’re a blogger, and you have connections to PR people for ANY of the children’s toys that are listed on this site, please forward the information to the toy company. I cannot imagine that Sesame Street is ok with their Knex Elmo set being advertised with a story of Elmo killing family pets.
  • Sign the Petition – Have DailySteals taken off of the web.
  • Everyone – visit the DailySteals Facebook page, and leave some comments letting them know how you feel about this. There are tons of people on the site who think this stuff is fine, or funny. I just can’t get that at all.
  • Tweet this post, or share it on Facebook – let people know about this, so hopefully the company will have to get this garbage removed.
  • You can find them on Twitter too, at @DailySteals – let them know how you feel.

What do YOU think?

At first, I thought that I was overreacting. Then, I went and read more. And after reading so many, I realized that this is just not the type of thing that should be allowed. Do you want some creepy molester reading a story about how some other creepy molester used a children’s toy to lure in children at a playground and kidnap them? Seriously, it just feels dangerous, dirty, and incredibly irresponsible. To me, I feel like this is garbage that should be taken off of their site, and they should be prevented from making money off of this. Please leave your comments here, and let me know if you agree, or if you think this is just humor.

Read More….

Read another post on this too at Leslie Loves Veggies. – Share both of our posts, Stumble them, post to groups, just make people aware of this. While I absolutely HATE bring DailySteals new traffic and exposure, I truly hope this will be the END of any big traffic that they have. I’ve read multiple complaints on other websites that they offer bad service and often don’t ship items – so clearly they weren’t a real reputable company to begin with. I’m guessing maybe this was some type of stunt to draw attention? But I hope it backfires horribly, and they lose all of their business. YOU can help that happen! Write letters, post this around, let people know NOT to order with this company.




  2. At first I thought your post was a spoof until I saw…Wow! I can’t believe they are getting away with this. It is totally inappropriate. I could maybe see it if it was a site devoted to spoofing but they are actually trying to sell items. I will boycott them! Thanks for letting us know

  3. I totally agree. Thats outrageous and being theyd post such things should be made to cease altogther period. Seriously they shouldnt ever be allowed to ever even be on the internet let alone ever around any child. Sicko’s there isnt any excuse that they where even trying to be humorous they are predators is what they are. Who can we contact. Im thinking the FCC Thats who you contact when people are being out of control on craigslist why wouldnt they be who to contact on this child stalking bologna. Something has to be done to stop it. Id copy paste each story to the FCC website so they can see. If anything the Feseral Buerua Of Investigation has a website to and Id copy them so they can see seriousness. Theyll get it to the right office.

  4. At first I didn’t quite believe what I was reading when I read your post. Then I thought maybe it was a spoof like the paper The Onion. Then I clicked onto the site. I felt a tad better when I saw that all the products are being represented in this style, I thought at least they are just not targeting children’s products. But the more I thought about it I was just bugged more! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I like snarky humor as much as the next gal but there is a line and you are right, if we don’t let companies know when we feel they have clearly crossed it we are not being responsible consumers. Thanks again for letting me know about this company.

  5. I thought you were kidding but you are actually serious. I cannot believe a site would put text like that anywhere near products for children. That’s not even remotely appropriate or funny. It’s downright frightening!

  6. Oh my goodness, that is horrible!

  7. I cannot believe this is for real….how do people read this and then buy these products? Who writes this kind of crap? Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass it along as well as boycott them.

  8. thanks for sharing even more… i learned of this from Leslie Loves Veggies…
    Will for sure never shop there

  9. I am trying to get the word out, thank you for posting this and letting people know this is happening.

  10. Wow, thanks for letting me know! Their stuff is so cheap!!

    In all seriousness, all of their ads seem to be a little sordid and is most certainly not just geared towards children, which is how this blog made it seem, but also I would think that most children wouldn’t be scouting dailydeals anyway….It may not be right, but it’s certainly nothing to get so worked up over, in my opinion.

    Regardless, though, good luck on your boycott.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I’m not suggesting that children will be surfing the net and come across these stories. What I’m saying is that stories about child abuse are not funny. As a society, we should not accept that it’s ok for some company to write really gross stories of Elmo killing family pets, a molester luring kids with candy and not letting them go home, or a man kidnapping children on a playground – and for them to post them along with childrens’s toys, profit from this garbage, and to promote stories of child abuse as “humor”. I find no humor in child abuse.

  11. This is OUTRAGEOUS! I was in a chat box with them for TEN minutes. Every minute or so I would post another question or comment. I only received ONE reply: “the stories were intended for humorous purposes only”
    That is not good enough for me. These stories are violent, disturbing, and completely inappropriate for children, or as a sales technique. I hope this company goes under.

  12. This is madness, indeed! I visited the site and read a few others, totally no excuse for this method of advertising. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, will be sharing your post link all over the place, Meagan.

  13. Criminy, in such a tizzy I got my link incorrect above, so hope this one is correct.

  14. its a sick world, we live in but they will answer to God i truly believe

  15. That is what has you all your lil panties in a wad? Crappy writing? LOL Too freaking funny. I could understand if it was children stories… but its stupid stories. Wow. I swear people worry about the damndest crap. Why not work up some real outrage at PARENTS killing their children. Or child predators? Stupid stories when we live in a country that allows freedom of speech is what you are going to waste your time on? Redonkulous.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      It’s not the bad writing that has me upset. It’s that I don’t think we should just accept a site writing stories about abusing little kids, and call it humor. I find nothing funny about people joking about killing little kids. Possibly you find it ok – but I think the majority of people realize that this is a topic that steps over the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

      Hahaha, let’s write a story about a guy who tricks little kids by telling them he has candy, then takes them to a deserted and dangerous cliff, and then won’t let them go. Then let’s have him make a threat at the end that hints that he plans to molest or kill them. Hahaha, that’d be a funny way to sell a set of children’s CD’s right??? – No. I can’t agree that what they’re doing is ok. That’s not humor. It’s gross.

  16. Jennifer Johncock says

    This is amazingly disgusting!!! I absolutely cannot believe that there are individuals that think this is ok! It doesn’t matter how poorly it was written, it matters that it was written at all. Of course there won’t be small children reading the text for these toys, but someone is. It’s as if they’re saying ‘We think it’s ok to lure small children away with a candy bribe and hold them against their will’. How about the one that talks about some poor little boy in a funeral home wondering when his grandpa is going to wake up in his coffin? Yeah, that’s for a stupid alarm clock. They aren’t funny. They are dangerous. By posting these stories and ignoring all complaints about them, this company is saying that they stand behind what is written and that they APPROVE of the text. It is worth getting upset about! I support you, Meagan, and I hope that something will be done about it.

  17. I am shocked that there are people that think this type of writing is ok. If you’re at a party and someone tells a joke making fun of someone’s race or religion and you don’t speak up, you are showing you agree with the joke. If we read these descriptions and don’t say anything we’re showing we’re ok with it. If we’re not ok with it we should speak up. That’s the only way change happens.

    I’m not contacting Daily Steals on FB or Twitter because I’d have to ‘like’ their pages to do so. I will blog and share this. I sent them feedback through the feedback button on the bottom right of their offer pages. I’ll contact companies whose products they are selling.

  18. Ok originally I thought you might be over reacting. Helping them “lose all of their business” sounds pretty harsh. But seriously, now I’m creeped out!

    I just read the Draw ‘N Dabble Easel… why would they even say that?!?!?!?! How in the heck does that help tell me about or sell me the product?!

    “then I’m going to capture them all and put them in my basement” “Then a year later we’ll add more kids to shake it up” – WTF?!

  19. Oh my gosh! That is absolutely ridiculous and I, for one, will never support such a company. This is not humor. This is sick.

  20. I have brought this to the attention of CNN. If you’re as outraged as I am then please do the same. They may take notice if they get a flood of complaints about Daily Steals. Here’s the link to CNN’s News Tip contact form:

  21. There’s one past toy ad from them that REALLY made my skin craw which everyone should read:

    At first I didn’t understand what was meant by the phrase “I put the lotion in the basket” so I Googled it and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I learned it was from The Silence of the Lambs and was spoken by the serial child murderer of that story. I won’t share the details here, google it and see for yourself.

    There is something horribly wrong at Daily Steals and I’m making it my mission to get the word out on them!

  22. Good Morning & Happy Thanksgiving,
    I just wanted to let you know that Daily Steals has removed most of the descriptions we’ve been commenting on. :)

  23. Heads up… The last part of the Carl story is actually some lines from a Batman movie. I wonder if Warner Brothers would be interested in copyright infringement. That could shut down the site perhaps.

  24. Wow, that’s just messed up!! I’m so glad that you brought this to everyone’s attention. I’m going to share.

  25. Creepy Creepsville. How could this even be considered “humor”…. there’s nothing funny about any of this! UCK! Gave me the super creeps!


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