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Busy Mom Solution: Swap Your Bottled Water for This!

Filtrete Water PitcherThe Problem:

You want your kids to eat healthy – and that includes not just the foods that they eat, but also the beverages that they drink. So, you switch from sugary soda and juice to bottled water. Problem solved? Nope, not quite. Bottled water uses a ton of resources, and causes some really big environmental problems. It’s also bad for your wallet too. You can read the full story about the negative consequences caused by the over-consumption of bottled water in my post about saving the world, {I’m like a super hero!} – but I’ll share a little bit of info here, to give you an idea of the real cost of bottled water.

What you’re really paying for bottled water:

For this example, I’m using an average family of 4, where each member drinks a couple bottles of water each day. Say they’re buying Nestle Purelife Bottled Spring Water, at $6.99 for a case of 24. That’s only .30 cents a bottle, great deal right?

  • Four people drinking 2 bottles per day = 56 bottles per week.
  • 56 bottles per week at .30 cents each is $16.80 per week.
  • That’s $67.20 per month.
  • And a whopping $873.60 per year – just for some water bottles you throw away! How crazy is that, right??!!

The Solution?

Now that you know what the problem is, you need a Busy Mom Solution. And of course I’m here to bring you one – {didn’t I just tell you I’m like a super hero?} – the Filtrete 8-Cup Water Pitcher! Well, all of the Filtrete water products are amazing, but this one is my personal favorite. Read on to learn why…

Top 5 Reasons why I love My Filtrete Pitcher:

  1. It’s Fast! It quickly filters my tap water and changes it into really clean, fresh tasting water that I can use to fill my other reusable water bottles. I drink a TON of water every day, so I love that this can be refilled super quick.
  2. It Fits! The 8-Cup Water Pitcher is really slim – as you can see in the picture. It’s so much skinnier than of the other pitchers I’ve looked at – but still holds a ton of water. The slim shape makes it a great choice for mini-fridges – like in a dorm room, or in an office.
  3. It’s Frugal! You can find the Filtrete Water Pitcher on Amazon for less than $25 bucks, with Free Shipping. Just a couple of weeks of not needing to buy bottled water will make up the price of the pitcher!
  4. It’s Filtered! Our last pitcher took up too much room in the fridge, so I’ve been just filling most of our reusable bottles straight from the tap. I love that this slim pitcher makes it a breeze to filter our water – plus, the filter is easy to change, and really affordable too.
  5. It’s Fun! Well, maybe not for everyone – but the kids looove watching the pitcher fill up and filter the water into the base. And I love anything that brings giggles instead of fits, you know?

Great Gift for the Holidays!

This would be a perfect gift for a college student, since it’s a great way to keep them healthy and hydrated, and it fits in those skinny dorm room mini-fridges. It’s also a great idea for anyone you know who’s trying to eat healthier – many of us grab a soda out of the fridge when we’re thirsty simply because it’s the most convenient option. But the Filtrete Pitcher makes grabbing a glass of great tasting cold water much easier and more fun. It’s a great gift for families, for singles, for couples – for everyone. Seriously. I love this pitcher!

What do you think?

Do you think that the Filtrete Water Pitcher could be a great option to help your family stay healthy? Would you buy it as a gift this season?

Share some comments!

{I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Filtrete and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.}


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