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Busy Mom Solution: Dapper Snappers Rescue Droopy Drawers!!

Dapper Snappers to the Rescue!!

Dapper Snappers are the perfect busy mom solution – they’re Mom-Invented, made in the USA, versatile, affordable, and fun! Keep reading to learn more…

The Problem:

Not all kiddo’s grow quite the same way – but kids clothes all seem to built pretty similar. If your little one doesn’t fit that “average” build, you’re going to face some big challenges! And, with so many of families on tight budgets this year, many of you are probably like us, and taking advantage of hand-me-down kids clothes. These can be a huge help, since kids usually outgrow clothes quicker than they wear them out – but they can bring even more fit challenges too! You don’t want to spend all your time doing alterations, when you know they’ll grow again any day – and belts on toddlers are pretty much out of the question, right? {In my house, we’re lucky if we can get them to remember to zip AND button, a belt would be a disaster, lol.}

The Busy Mom Solution:

Dapper Snappers!! This is such a simple – yet totally effecive! – idea: Slide the Dapper Snapper Kids Belts through a few of the back belt loops on any pair of pants that’s too big in the waist. Then, take the ends, loop ’em over, and snap ’em into place. You can adjust it to just the right size, pants will stay up easy peasy, and they’re cute as a button too! See them in action:

A few of my favorite features:

  • These are one size fits all – from 9 months to 6 years old. Hard to believe, but totally true! We use the same one’s on on Abby {15 months} and my 5 year old nephew!
  • Convenient – Don’t have to take them off at diaper changes, and when you use them as a Toddler Belt, since they’re on the backside of the pants, they don’t get in the way when potty training.
  • These are Mom-Invented, and made right here in the USA!
  • Dapper Snappers are totally affordable – and help you get a ton more use out of the clothes you already have on hand!

Check out the Selection:

You’ll find a ton of other great items on the Dapper Snappers website – From Girls and Boys Belts, to Women’s Belts, to my favorite, the Mitten Clips – there’s something for everyone on the Dapper Snappers site! Check it out today – and watch for a giveaway coming in a couple of day!!


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