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Introducing the new Munchkin Bunch – and How YOU Can Win Too! #munchkinbunch

The Munchkin Bunch

Most of you know that Abby is now officially a member of The Munchkin Bunch – and we could not possibly be more excited about it! Big {THANK YOU} and huge *HUGS* to all of you who supported my little Abby Piper with your votes – we are so incredibly grateful to you guys! Munchkin is one of our very favorite brands, and it is really exciting to be able to have the opportunity to partner with them like this! Make sure to check them out on Facebook to see all of the other cutie-pies too!

Monthly Updates!

As a member of the Munchkin Bunch, we’ll be sharing monthly updates about Abby – you’ll get to watch her learn and grow, and we’ll share some of our very favorite along the way! We were already HUGE fans of Munchkin – so I cannot even tell you how excited we were to get this uh-MAY-zing shipment of toys, sippy cups, gadgets, and more! It felt like Christmas morning!! I can’t wait to get through opening everything up, and sharing updates with you guys as we try it all out.

Munchkin Toys

Abby LOVES Her New Gifts from Munchkin!

I opened up the huge package, and was super-duper amazed to see this giant gift basket for gifts from Munchkin – and when I turned my back for just a few minutes, Abby went ahead and started digging right in – she was excited to see what was in there too! Of course, the first things that she pulled out were the toys – She absolutely adored these Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards, especially the little mirrored card on the front. She loves seeing that “other” baby in the reflection. She had tons of fun too with the Mozart Magic Cube – later that night, she thought it was hysterical to make the music play by sitting on top of it, silly girl.

Kissing the Ducky!

One of her other favorites is this little Safety Bath Ducky – {it has a safety sensor on it, so if it tells you IT’S bottom is too hot, you know it’s too hot for baby’s bottom too!} – Watch as she wanders over to give it a big kiss! Too cute.

You can WIN some great Munchkin Prizes too!

To celebrate the new Munchkin Bunch, there will be loads of fun ways for YOU to win some amazing new Munchkin products too!

  • Facebook: “Munchkin Bunch members will soon receive their first package of Munchkin goodies. As soon as the gifts arrive, our fans will have the chance to win the items!” So make sure to follow them on Facebook to learn more! Plus, right now you can win $50 – Just send them a screenshot of your Munchkin product review on or Babies “R” Us and you’ll be entered to win!
  • Twitter: Want to win Munchkin products? Follow them on Twitter for opportunities to win your fav items!

Thank You Again!

We are so excited to get to be a part of the new Munchkin Bunch – and I have to give you all one more big THANK YOU for voting for Abby! She is already loving all of the fun! And make sure to follow Munchkin on Facebook and Twitter, so you can stay updated on Abby and the other adorable kiddo’s each month, learn about some great new products, and have your chance to win some fun prizes too!


  1. LOVE it- thanks for posting this update! Cannot wait to see more of Abby :)

  2. So cute!

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