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Busy Mom Solution: Toddler-Friendly Cleaning Products!

Green Works Products

The Problem –

We all want a clean house, right? For the last few months we’ve battled grass stains, mud from the yard tracked into the house, and other summertime messes. Now, with the return of school, and the changing of the weather, we face a whole new set of challenges!

You can no longer get away with dressing the kids in the same shirt 3 days in a row, {hey, in the summer they wear what they want! Don’t judge… :)} -plus, they bring home LOTS of germs from school each day. And if you’re like me, and have little ones in your home, you know that it’s important to use safe cleaning products to take care of all of that mess!

Green Works LogoThe Solution –

Clorox Green Works new line of cleaning products! The amazing team over at Mom Bloggers Club sent me a big package of these new cleaners, so I could test them out, and see if they could keep up with my super-challenging housekeeping routine. We got to try the Compostable Cleaning Wipes, the All Purpose Cleaning Spray, the original scented Laundry Detergent, and a great Bathroom Cleaner. Can I say- LOVE??

Becoming Greener, one step at a time….

Most of you know that I’ve been slowly but surely making small changes towards a cleaner, greener, more frugal lifestyle. It started when I found out that I was expecting – I wanted to be super careful about what I was eating, drinking, and breathing, since it was all getting passed down to this teeny, tiny, little baby. I told you about using products from The Ultimate Green Store to set up a new space for my baby girl. {FYI, enter to WIN a gift certificate from them here.} And now that she’s a toddler, it’s super important to me that I use safe cleaners – if I wouldn’t want her drinking scary chemicals, why would I want to clean the floors that she plays on with them?

Tough on Dirt, Gentle around kids!

Green Works Cleaners still need to be kept out of reach of kids, of course. But they are made from 95% natural ingredients like coconut-based cleaners, citric acid, essential oils, and other plant-based cleaning agents – meaning you don’t have those super scary toxic warning labels on the package, like you see on most cleaners. And they don’t give off those awful fumes, or have harsh residue. But they still pack a lot of cleaning power!

What Other Moms Think….

My little Abby is JUST like the cutie in this video – EVERYTHING she finds makes it’s way into her mouth! And now that she’s a toddler, and fully mobile, she is a busy girl. She has ridiculous daily ideas to do things like:

  • Lick the refrigerator door, just for fun.
  • Attempt to eat her blocks, rattles, and toy dinosaurs.
  • Dump Cheerios on the floor and eat them while mommy’s not looking.

You know, fun toddler stuff. So it’s super important to me to keep things clean, and ensure that I don’t leave icky chemicals behind when I clean up. The Clorox Cleaning Wipes are perfect for wiping down the high-chair, car seat, toys – and everything else she gets sticky, crummy, or dirty during the day.

What do YOU think?

Do you give much thought to the cleaning products that you use in your home? Is using green products a priority for you? If you’re ready to try some of these new Green Works products in your house – sign up for the Green Works Newsletter for some instant savings coupons, and make sure to follow them on Facebook too, to stay updated on cool promotions!

{Disclaimer: As mentioned in the post, I did receive a complimentary set of these products, so that I could try them out, and give an honest opinion of them. When I say I love ’em, I mean it!}



  1. I love green works! Trying to become a Green Mommy myself :)

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