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Trading Up: How to Turn a Paperclip into a House

It started with a post on Craigslist:

This red paperclip is currently sitting on my desk next to my computer. I want to trade this paperclip with you for something bigger or better, maybe a pen, a spoon, or perhaps a boot.

If you promise to make the trade I will come and visit you, wherever you are, to trade.

Hope to trade with you soon!


I’m going to make a continuous chain of ‘up trades’ until I get a house. Or an Island. Or a house on an island. You get the idea.

Watch the video to learn what came next…

This is an AMAZING story, love it!

You can read more here- Trading Up: How to Turn a Paper Clip into a House, and visit his website,

He even has a book about his whole adventure- One Red Paperclip: Or How an Ordinary Man Achieved His Dream with the Help of a Simple Office Supply

Someone sent me an email with his story tonight, and I thought it was SO cool, that I had to share it. There are so many things about it that are amazing…

My Favorites Parts of this story:

  • How ANYONE can make things happen, if you believe you can do it. Does that sound cheesy? Of course. But so many of us have dreams and goals that we don’t think we can achieve- if he can pull this off, then sister you better get rockin’ on your big ideas too!
  • That he didn’t just do this as a selfish thing. As it evolved, he realized that he could find the perfect person for each swap, and really make dreams come true. Awesome.

What do you think?

This is an old story, and many of you may have heard about it before. I hadn’t though, so I figured there might be some of you too that would love to hear about it. Share you thoughts in the comments- I’d love to hear them. And feel free to share the post on Twitter or Facebook with the social buttons….

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