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{Rafflecopter Giveaway} Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders!!

New- Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders!

When the kids heard that Mom Select was sending us one of the brand new Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders remote control cars to test out– Well, excited isn’t even enough to describe it. And I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to check them out myself too…

About the Nitro Speeders:

These are the tiniest RC car that I’ve ever seen! The package says that they go from 0-600 mph in a second– Which seems pretty impossible, right? So of course I went to the expert, my boyfriend, who is a race car driver. He figured it out- it drives at 8.3mph, which is the equivalent to 600 mph in the car’s 1/87th scale. Now, 8.3 mph may not sound as impressive, but let me tell you– This baby is FAST!!

What’s super cool about these Nitro Speeders is that as you can see in the photo, the car fits right inside of the remote, and that’s how it charges. So- kiddo’s can put the car in to charge, throw it all in their back pocket, and when they’re ready to play- pull it out charged and ready to go, and that battery pack becomes the remote. Awesomesauce!

See it in action–

So cool, right?

I had a video to share with you guys– So fun. But since I’m new to this whole video review thing, I couldn’t figure out how to get it on here today. But you’ll see it soon- it’s too funny.

For now, read the reviews from the family-

Nephews: 5 year old says- “It’s faster than Batman!!” 7 year old says, “Can I take it to school?? No one will BELIEVE me when I tell them how fast it is!! I have to show them!!”

The baby: Thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. The boys would let her toddle over to it, and as soon as she was thiiiiis close to grabbing it, they’d drive it away again. She’d SQUEAL with laughter and chase it again. It can also do some pretty great little spins, which she thought was hysterical. Good times.

The dog: Hates it. Like, wants to fight it to the death. He was quite offended that his barking and growling from under the kitchen island did not scare the Nitro Speeder away.

Boyfriend: Very jealous, and wants his own for Christmas.

Tips for Playing with the Nitro Speeders-

These have a LED type light that helps to control them- so they won’t work well in a super bright area. Like, the full afternoon sunshine on the deck made them work really sporadically, but in a bright lit kitchen they worked great. Also, they’re super small- which makes them super cool- but also makes them a little tricky to control. And they’re REALLY cool if you use any type of old Hot Wheels track you have on hand, and let ’em fly through that. Impressive!

Want to win one??

The lovely ladies at Mom Select are going to give one lucky winner the same Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder that I was provided for this review. Super exciting!




  1. 2011 votes after mine :)

  2. Janice Cooper says

    Sorry I forgot to indicate on rafflecopter the total number of votes for pretty little Abby- its 2027.

  3. Teia Ireland says

    Meg’s this is so cool I need to get one for rowdy! Next time I come over you need to show me;)

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