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Survey sites I’m having good luck with lately….

Read on to learn some of the sites I’m having really good luck with lately, and share your favorites too!

Another Product Test Opp from MySurvey-

I swear, I’ve been on a ROLL with MySurvey lately… This is my 3rd product test opportunity in less than 2 months, which is amazing.

And yep, it’s another style of diapers to test out! I’m thinking that if you’re a mom, you need to join MySurvey ASAP, since all of my product tests and most of the surveys I’ve been getting rewarded for, are targeted towards moms with babies or kids under 5. It’s an easy peasy sign up, and the rewards rock too!

BIG Money Surveys at Toluna-

Another site I’ve been having some great luck with over the last few months, after a loooooong dry spell with them, is Toluna! I went a few months with hardly any earnings… It seemed like EVERY survey I would attempt would kick me out after a few questions, saying I didn’t qualify. So of course, that led to me not even wanting to try very often.

Then, I started getting some BIG money-points surveys; like, $10-$30 surveys every few days. And…. I actually qualified for almost all of them! I just had another one this week, a two part survey, but the points from the two combined equal over $30, which is amazing. I’ve been letting them add up, so I can get a BIG check before holiday shopping time!

Share your Favorites-

Have you noticed anything different with any of your survey sites lately? Any that you’re having great luck with? I’d love to hear some new one’s to check out… You know I sign up for TONS!

Remember.. The more sites you use, the more chances for good surveys, and the more money and free products you get. Plus, almost all the survey sites do monthly giveaways just for their members, with better odd’s than the big sweepstakes sites. So the more survey sites you join, the better your chances are to WIN big prizes too!




  1. Ok, I’m curious…how time consuming are the surveys? Can you do them anytime when your schedule permits? This sounds like an easy way to earn cash…I’m just hesitant if the earnings are worth the time put into it. I struggle with balancing my time as a blogger and a mommy. I just don’t want to commit to something I can’t realistically keep up with. (and my blog isn’t really an advertisement or giveaway style of blog) What are your thoughts?


    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Hi Rosann-

      They’re only as time consuming as you want them to be! I TOTALLY understand what you mean about having a tough time balancing- my oh my! That is one of my biggest struggles, and I’ve been trying to develop a schedule, where I can have time for all of my million tasks every day :)

      Here is my best advice- None of these sites are going to make you rich, but they all give you an easy way to earn some extra money, gift cards, and free products from home. I used to use them a TON, but now with a baby and a blog, I don’t have the kind of spare time I used to have!

      So, I am signed up for probably 20 survey sites -plus loads more reward type sites like MyPoints, Swagbucks and more- and I just do what I have time for. I check in with my survey sites once in a while when I have time, or fill out a survey when they send me an invite if I’m not too busy. I use the Swagbucks toolbar for ALL of my searches, so I earn points with no extra work. When I shop, I use MyPoints, Ebates, or something similar, to earn points or cash from what I would be buying anyway.

      Then, a couple of times a year {I do it at the beginning of summer, and again before the holidays} I go to all of my sites and cash out!!! You would be amazed at how the little bit of effort every now and then, scattered around a ton of different sites, will add up!! Even if you only have enough points to cash our for $5-$10 checks, or $10-$25 gift cards… If you’re using 20-30 sites, think of how much that add’s up to all together??!!

      That’s the best way I’ve found, now that I’m so busy. I’m thinking I should right up a big blog post on this topic, because a lot of people ask this question! I hope this helps a little ….

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