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You won’t believe they’re not “real” burgers!

Harmony Valley Foods

So, this might not be a “real” burger, because it’s not made out of “real” meat… But trust me, it is “REAL GOOD”!

I’m also not a “real” vegetarian…

I was a vegetarian for years. About 7 years, to be more specific. I made the switch to being meat-free for many reasons:

  • I learned more about the conditions our farm animals face, and the amount of cruelty against them. {If you’re brave, you can search for the video, “Meet Your Meat” on YouTube. But warning, it’s not pretty.}
  • I learned more about the hormones and antibiotics used to make farm animals grow bigger, faster, and survive in some of the bad conditions that they are raised in. And I wanted to limit my exposure to that.
  • A less world-saving reason- to lose weight. I knew that the switch to meatless meals would help me fill up on great choices like fruits, veggie’s and whole grains, which would help me slim down. {It also gave me tons more energy, which was a great, unexpected, benefit!}


But, {as time has a way of doing to you} my lifestyle changed again. Part of it was that I really did miss a lot of dishes made with meat {tofu-tacos just aren’t the real thing, and most veggie burgers tasted like those hamburgers I ate in my old grade-school cafeteria. I don’t think those were really meat either…}, and part of it was cooking for a boyfriend who prefers his steak, “Knocked out and warmed up a little”. But while I do eat meat now, I do still try to limit it, and always look for new alternatives. {Plus, during our summer BBQ’s, we have many vegan and vegetarian guests, so it’s great to have meat-less options for them too.}

Harmony Valley will Rock Your Socks!

I am not kidding- These tasted like a real hamburger. Serious, and for reals. And whatever the kids say these days to insist to you that what they are saying is the truth. I’m 2 Legit 2 Quit. Or whatever… {I’m so old…}

The texture is perfect, and the flavor is perfect. My burger-lovin’ nephews {5 and 7} did not even believe us that these weren’t real hamburgers! They really are that good! Harmony Valley sells two great versions of their vegetarian mixes: Hamburger and Sausage, with a new Hummus mix coming soon too!

Read More:

  • Many recipes have ground meat as the base, and now with Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mix as an option, dinner just got a little easier.
  • Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes are a soy based, vegan and kosher certified meat alternative that makes eating less meat, or eating meat-less easy and versatile.
  • Being a great source of protein and fiber, Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes provide health and harmony for the whole family.


Hamburger Style

HV Hamburger Style Mix is the perfect protein for all your vegetarian dishes. Simply hydrate the dry mix for endless possibilities. One bag contains a variety of options you can create like patties, crumbles, meatballs, soups or sauces.

Sausage Style

HV Sausage Style Mix is an ideal way to start your morning. Slightly more seasoned than our Hamburger variety, the hints of sage bring out a savory breakfast sausage flavor. Each bag opens up endless possibilities of what’s for breakfast.

Available to purchase Online!

Sadly, while using the Where to Buy tool on their site, to find local stores that sell this amazing mix, I found that there is NOWHERE in Washington that stocks it! But, I was only bummed for a moment, because I found that you can order it online: Order Here, at a really great price. You can get one bag for $3.99, or a big package of 6 bags for $22.75. That means you’d be paying $3.79 for a mix that makes {much more, we thought} a full pound of product!

Easy to prepare:

The dry mix is hydrated with the cold water and results in vegetarian protein with the same consistency and versatility as ground meat. I really believe that you could serve this to even the most meat-loving family, and they seriously wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I can’t wait to try it in more recipes!


Curious to try it yourself? Then enter to WIN an uh-MAY-zing Harmony Valley Gift Basket!

{Disclaimer: I was provided with a free sample of Harmony Valley Hamburger Mix to try out. I shared it at the BIG First Birthday Luau Party, with both vegetarian AND non-vegetarian guests. All of our opinions are the same- This product rocks!}

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