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Who else is TOTALLY addicted to those home make-over shows?

I am. Totally and completely. I don’t have time for much TV, but towards the end of my pregnancy, when I was having some complications, I spent a lot of hours in the recliner watching these programs….

I am a really crafty, DIY, creative person. I love design, and worked in Fashion Merchandising for years. And I love rearranging and redecorating the house. But it’s always so cool to see how someone ELSE see’s your home, with fresh eye’s. Sometimes, you get so used to the clutter– or the odd arrangement of things that you set that way “for now”, but never got around to changing– that you just don’t even see it anymore.

On the TV programs, a fancy-schmancy designer comes in, and suggests major changes, an with a {usually} unlimited budget and resources, they transform the room into a new beautiful oasis of perfection.

In real life? Not so much.

Most of us can’t afford to hire an interior designer to come into our home. And even if we COULD afford them, we probably couldn’t afford all of their suggestions! Plus, the majority of us live in homes with babies, and kids, and pets, and messes. We may dream about those perfect magazine living rooms, but even the best kiddo’s would have peanut-butter smears over it all within minutes.

What we’re REALLY looking for…

What most of us really need is just a little help. The way you take your most stylish friend shopping with you, to pick out new looks you wouldn’t have discovered on your own– That’s the way Virtual Room Review works!

You send in a few pictures of the room that’s giving you trouble, and the amazing designer from Stylish Solutions will review them, and give you some really easy solutions to upgrade your space! And it is SO affordable– You can get a full room review of your home, office, or even your business, for only $10!!

This is my Master Bedroom… Very much in need of some TLC!

We moved into the new house last November, and the baby and I share the big Master Bedroom and Bath. I absolutely LOVE so many things about this room… The high ceilings, all of the space, and the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom!! But I’ve struggled quite a bit with how to combine our bedroom furniture, the baby’s stuff, and my office, into one space.

Designer Suggestions…

Here are a few of the suggestions that I got from Stylish Solutions during my Virtual Room Review, and what I thought about them…

  • Longer curtain panels (to the floor or just above) would make the window look better – I would also add another panel to each side so they’re fuller. I’d raise the curtain rod a few inches, which makes a window look bigger as well – generally you want to hang your panels as high and wide as you can/ {Totally agree! In my old bedroom, I had two very small windows, so here on this big window I have 2 short and 2 long panels… I’d been trying to decide which length to buy more of. But I agree that longer ones will look better!}
  • I would re-frame the pictures above the bed so that the frames are dark (keeping the white mats) – right now they blend into the wall. You can also use black spray paint instead of buying new frames. {Again, something I’d been planning! The old bedroom had darker grey walls, so the silver popped against them. But they do really blend into the white walls here.}
  • A few other suggestions were to add more of an accent color, and add a throw in that color at the end of the bed. Also, to add some bedside lamps, and a headboard, along with a few easy ideas I could use for both.

I love that ALL of the suggestions are things that are simple changes, affordable on a tight budget, and make a big impact!

Win a Virtual Room Review of Your Own!

One lucky fan will win their own Virtual Room Review for FREE! Super cool, right? {And to see some examples of how dramatic her room remodeling skills are, check out her Before & After pictures– Amazing!}

{Disclaimer: The designer at Stylish Solutions gave me a complimentary Virtual Room Review so that I could share my experience with you guys… But of course, the opinions I share are my own.}

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