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Is Swagbucks a Scam?

I get asked all of the time, “Is Swagbucks a Scam?” To which I’ll answer- “No WAY!!!” I have used Swagbucks for about 2 years, and it is one of THE VERY BEST ways to earn free rewards online. Seriously.

To see some proof, check this out:

Date Description Amount
08/23/11 Searching the Web 7 SB
08/22/11 Searching the Web 12 SB
08/22/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 9 SB
08/21/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 10 SB
08/20/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 9 SB
08/19/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 11 SB
08/19/11 Searching the Web 11 SB
08/18/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 7 SB
08/18/11 Searching the Web 10 SB
08/17/11 Searching the Web 8 SB
08/17/11 Referral SB from: Leslie5578 9 SB
08/16/11 Bonus Swag Bucks: Toolbar Use 1 SB
08/16/11 Searching the Web 7 SB
08/15/11 Searching the Web 11 SB
08/15/11 Bonus Swag Bucks: Toolbar Use 1 SB
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These are the Swagbucks that I’ve earned!

Notice how it says on the bottom, “Page 1 of 96”?? Yep, that’s how many points I’ve earned. Every 450 points earns me another FREE $5 Amazon gift card!! I earn $100’s in cards each year, which is an amazing help for my family, and is what I use to buy diapers for the baby- FREE. Awesome, right? And going into the holidays, it’s a great way to do your shopping for free. {Get 15 more ways to shop online for free here too.}

How do you earn points?

  • Add their toolbar. This is super easy, I promise. I’m not a skilled technology person, but this was simple to do. Then, use the toolbar for your regular searches, and you randomly get points added to your account. Seriously, what could be easier?
  • To boost your points, you can do more activities: The surveys can earn you 50-150 points each, which can add up SUPER fast!! There are tons of other ways to earn- daily polls, games, offers, etc.
  • Refer your friends. You can connect your Swagbucks to your Facebook account, and it will automatically share on your wall when you get new points, so that you’re friends want to check it out too! Then, when they earn points, so do you!! {I only have 4 referrals, but even that small amount gives me a big boost!}
  • Watch for SwagCodes while searching, or that other bloggers post. Then enter them in your account for MORE bonus points!!
  • Tons more ways to earn too: Coupons, Shopping, Daily Deals, Games, Videos, and loads more!

Tons of Rewards Available:

There are literally thousands of different rewards to choose from: gift cards, donations, products, sweepstakes entries, and more.

 I redeem almost all of my points for Gift Cards, since that’s where I do all of my baby shopping. Every time you get a new gift card, you can add the code to your Amazon account, and let them add up until you’re ready to use ’em. Love it. Plus, since some of my favorite survey sites reward with Amazon gift cards too, I can get most of what I buy there for free each month.

Other great rewards available:

  • Gift Cards from sites like Cookies Kids, Gourmet Gift Baskets, EcoMom, Frecklebox, and
  • You can use small amounts of points to make donations to charities like Lupus Foundation of America.
  • You can get FREE products, from games and toys to magazines and home decor.
  • Your points can be used to enter Swagstakes giveaways too! You use the points as entries, and there are so many giveaways to win!

Swagbucks ROCKS my SOCKS!

I recommend this site to everyone, and it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t want to use it! Even if all you do is add the toolbar, you’ll earn points with NO effort at all. It’ll take you longer to earn rewards, but heck, they’ll be free when you do earn ’em, so why not??

If you’re using Swagbucks too, leave a comment to tell me your best tip, or favorite feature of the site!!



  1. says

    I started using swagbucks last week and already cashed out for a $5amazon gift card and halfway there to another one this week. I use the seaech feature and do a couple of surveys each day.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Love it!! It is just SUCH an incredibly simple way to earn free stuff, I can’t believe more people don’t use it!! :)

  2. They always say I’m eligible for surveys and a few minutes in, I get the “oh sorry, you aren’t eligible for this one” message. Every time.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Weird….?? I don’t have as good of luck with these as a lot of other sites that do surveys- but on Survey Sites, they send you surveys that are based somewhat on your profile, meaning your odds are decent at getting to finish them. But on Swagbucks, those are just generic surveys, open to anyone, so the odd’s are all over the place of whether you’ll qualify. That sucks though that you have had SUCH bad luck with them– I guess just focus your time on some of the ways to earn… Have you ever tried doing the “tasks”?? Those can add up points fast too! :)

  3. I agree. Swagbucks is great! I use it all the time and usually get at least two five dollar Amazon cards a month.

  4. Michelle G. says

    I usually just use Swagbucks to add to my football card collection but I’ve recently decided to try to save up for higher priced items. So, I agree… Swagbucks is awesome.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      How funny… I’d never even looked at that before, but that’s a really fun way to use your points!!

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