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Airline Ticket Price Dropped? How to Get a Refund!

cheap airline tickets

Yapta gets you refunds from the airlines

The irony of airline travel is that the prices are highway robbery. Maybe it should be called airway robbery? No matter what tips and tricks you may have heard about finding the cheapest airfare – you can’t always get the lowest possible price. So – we found a way to avoid buyers remorse even after you’ve purchased your tickets. How cool is that, right? I love bringing you new Busy Mom Solutions!

Yapta is your Personal Airline Spy!

It’s called Yapta and it’s a site that not only will help you find flights and track prices, but once you decide you’re ready to go ahead and press the buy button Yapta will keep tracking the price for you to see if it drops. If it does then Yapta will alert you and help you get a refund for the cost difference per ticket. Important!! You must go to Yapta which will redirect you to the airline’s website when you’re ready to buy your tickets so you can qualify for the refund. And fear not, we were able to find the lowest airfare prices like all those other travel websites.

Find out in this week’s Twirl the ins and outs of beating their airlines at their own game.

Super Simple Tool for Savings

I have to admit, this isn’t a problem that I’ve ever had. I’ve never really traveled much – a trip with my class back in high school, I flew to Nevada once with my mom, and went on my very first “real” flight, on my own, cross-country to visit a friend in Florida, just a few years ago. I haven’t flown since. I kept thinking we’d go on a trip again “later.” You know, when the baby is bigger, when income is more steady, when I look good enough in a swimsuit to take a vacation on a tropical beach….

Back to Reality

Where was I? Oh yes, Yapta! The next time I DO need to buy airline tickets, I can tell you 100%, without a doubt, I’ll be booking MY flight through And, since I’ll be traveling to a few conferences this year, I am SO super glad that I found this sweet savings tool. I’m one of those people who just cannot pay full price for anything. I’m a deal junkie, which is pretty obvious if you follow my blog :) And airline tickets are one of those big purchases that are so hard to make, because you always worry if you’re really getting the best deal. Knowing that Yapta’s got my back, and give me a heads up if my ticket price drops so that I can get a refund, makes the thought of buying airline tickets MUCH less stressful! Check them out on Facebook to read some real life savings stories!

How about you?

Do you travel much? Have you ever used Yapta? Have you ever bought tickets only to find that they dropped a ton after you purchased?? Share you stories with me! I love hearing from you guys…

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  1. I have never heard of yapta. We are lucky to be able to travel a bit and to know you can get a refund for the difference if the price drops seems unheard of! That is awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Such good info to know

  3. Thank U for 411 – going there right now

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