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The best way to shop, for all us procrastinators

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Gah! Who hasn’t been there? The baby shower that snuck up on you. The birthday party present you forgot to buy for the party that’s this afternoon? Or even the special crafts paints that you need to bring in for school tomorrow. So much to buy, so little time. What you need is A dog (well technically a website) that is part Bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out exactly what you need and part Pointer, as in it will point you to a local store that definitely has that specific item in stock. And we’re talking retailers like Target, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Toys ‘R Us, and Crate & Barrel… not too shabby, huh?

Then all you have to do is fetch!

While online shopping is the domain of bargain hunters and planners, Milo is the perfect solution for us folks who are willing to trade all that for convenience and instant gratification. Watch this week’s Twirl to find out how Carley avoids a near Baby Shower debacle in light of the fact that she also has about a bazillion other things to do.

Sound familiar?

I’m definitely a HUGE fan of online shopping. I love that it’s easy, I love being able to search for the best price, and I love that shopping online earns me great rewards, {you know, by using sites like Ebates, Inbox Dollars, or MyPoints to earn rebates. You ARE using them right??} But, there are times that I’m just like Carley in this video, and totally need something NOW.

Milo is a total Busy Mom Solution!

You know that I’m all about finding smart solutions to solve busy-mom challenges – and I can see how using could be SUCH a time and sanity saver. I can definitely relate to the video example, but there have also been times that I have found the PERFECT thing online, and would LOVE to know if it was available somewhere near-by so I could have that instant gratification, you know? Like, when I see the ab-so-lutely perfect dress online, and realize that I MUST have it for a party coming up in a couple of days. Now that I’ve seen it, nothing else will do. It MUST be that dress. Using, I could find it locally and go pick it up, easy peasy! Love that.

So, check it out the next time you find yourself in a sticky spot and need something right now, today, this minute! Milo is such a good dog…. :)

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