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{Lean Green Mama} My Status Update!

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6 Weeks to a LeanGreenYOU Lifestyle Bootcamp

Most of you probably remember the HUGE giveaway a month ago, where one lucky lady won the opportunity to join me in the LeanGreenYOU Lifestyle Bootcamp with Jennifer McCay. Well, I’m now in the 3rd week, halfway through the program, so I thought it would be good time for an update on my progress!


This program is focused on helping moms make better lifestyle choices, and keep them for life. This isn’t a “diet”, or get-slim-quick type plan. This is a course to teach you how to make good, healthy food choices, and how to identify your weak spots related to food, and overcome them. When you’re “on” a diet, that means you eventually go “off” of it, and back to your old habits, which is why you gain the weight right back. So Jennifer teaches you, in simple steps, how to improve your eating for good!


Week 1

In week 1 I learned a lot about myself by completing the 360 Degree Life Self-Assesment on the bootcamp site. This really helped me figure out what I was doing right that I could build on, and where I needed to improve. And the other materials included gave me a lot of great new nutrition info, to help guide my meal choices into healthier categories. The goal for the week was simply to add one healthy meal each day. I made sure to have a really great breakfast each morning, and that helped to set the tone for my whole day! I didn’t need to stress too much over my other meals, just make sure ONE meal per day was a good one. Easy peasy, right?


Week 2

So far, so good. This week, there were more AMAZING tips in the weekly video training, and I listened to a recorded version of the Live Question and Answer call that I had missed. {The baby was crabby that night, so I missed it.} But I love that Jennifer allows us to ask her questions, and personally answers us and gives advice. That’s awesome. This week I added an additional healthy meal… So now both breakfast and lunch need to be prepared with some thought, and I’ve made changes to make them much better. No, I didn’t eat right EVERY day, which was my goal. But I’m making a huge improvement by following Jennifers tips! Also, this week I added exercise to my days. Ugh. Me and exercise have never really been friends…


Moving that booty in Week 3

This week the goal is that all 3 meals each day will be healthy ones, which gets a little trickier for me. I’m working on finding ways to handle dinner… My brother and his kids live with me right now, plus my mother, the baby, and many nights my boyfriend and his other two teenage daughters. That’s alot of people to make meals for, and a lot of different likes and dislikes to manage! I’m a meal planner, so I’m just adding and subtracting a few things from the weekly meal plan, to make sure there is a healthy option each night for me! A little extra work, but maybe I can set a good example for the kids with my improved eating habits?

For exercise this week, the goal is 20-30 minutes, 4-5 days per week. At first, this seemed like a lot. But really, it is TOTALLY do-able. This is what I’m doing… Each afternoon, we have one hour of cleaning time. So, for that hour, we crank up the music, and run around cleaning as FAST as we can. I mean, running to put toys away! I do squats while I vacuum, and while I put laundry in the dryer. That one hour really gives me a workout, holy heck! And it also means that I’m not trying to find time to exercise, I’m combining it with chores, so I’m actually SAVING time. It’s working great so far! 


Lean Green Success Packet

If you’d like to learn more, you can head over to to get her FREE Success Packet, including:

  • Special Report on 3 simple strategies moms can use today to lose the weight for life
  • Healthy Mama Hotsheet on conquering food cravings
  • Free weekly advice on how to get the weight off and get healthier in the process

I think that these will help you a TON! And if you’re interested in joining the 6 Weeks to a LeanGreenYOU Lifestyle Bootcamp yourself, you can find more information there on her site on how to get started.


Stay Tuned!

I have a before picture that I’m WAY too embarrassed to post…. But I will, at the end of the 6 weeks. I’m hoping that by then I’ll have made some progress, and be brave enough to show the BEFORE and AFTER bikini pictures!! Yikes, right? We’ll see. But so far, I’m really loving the easy-to-make changes, and all of the wonderful materials, tools, and training available with this Bootcamp!

You can also check out the LeanGreenMama on Twitter, and on Facebook too, and stay updated and connected!

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  1. You don’t have to post here, but could you email me what results you HAVE been seeing if any?! I’ve been doing this as well. I have a little FB private group I can add you to as well, if you would like! Just let me know! There are 2 of us in there now! Myself, and my winner.

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