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Happy Hot Dog Man

You must watch this…

Why? Well, I’m not sure. All I know is that you must.

I was almost speechless after watching this video. And that is an incredibly rare occurrence.

But then again, it is incredibly rare to find a video sharing a product like this. “Have a contest, and see which one of you is the weiner…” Great lines like that don’t come around every day, right?

This is just incredible to me. It makes me wonder who would invent something like this? Who buys this? But then secretly, I caught myself wondering if maybe I COULD buy this somewhere? I now kind of want to make a hot dog man to dance for dinner…

What do you think…? Am I crazy, or is there a slight bit of awesomness mixed in with the weirdness of this product?…. :)



  1. That is hilarious.. it’s like a toy you can eat LOL. I can’t see paying $10.99 + for it.
    I’ve been making octopus hotdogs for so long and my kids love them.

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