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{Digitwirl} 7 Ways To Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

Wherever there’s a Twirler in need, The Digitwirl Girls will be there to help. So when Lauren wanted to know how to extend her Smartphone battery life when she’s out and about we dug deep into our tech vault and came up with 7 simple ways to make sure your phone’s battery lasts as long as your day does.

Watch this week’s Twirl and you’ll learn more nifty tips than just dimming your screen and taming your Angry Bird addiction, you’ll also learn how shopping for dog treats really brings out the animal in Carley.

So, what do you guys think? Awesome, right?

The more of these Digitwirl videos that I watch, the bigger fan I become! I am pretty technically challenged, but their videos always make new gadgets and apps so easy for me to “get”. Love it.

Right now, I’m a stay at home momma, so keeping my phone charged is not usually a problem for me… I have lots of plug-ins at the house :) But when we’re out for the day, I’ve definitely had this problem, since I rely on my phone for EVERYthing: calendar and schedule, memos and to-do lists, wild and constant texting, videos, camera, and more.

Here are the tips that Carley covers in the video:

  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Use Wi-fi when you can.
  • Dim the screen.
  • Avoid games.
  • Turn off vibrate.
  • Avoid overheating.
  • Shut down your phone.

All super easy, right?

I had no idea that having the phone set to vibrate would run it down so quickly… But it makes sense, since it must take a lot of power for that little phone to shake itself silly for me at every phone call and text.

Share your thoughts in the comments…. Were this tips all new to you too, or did you know some of these already? Are you lovin’ these easy and fun Digitwirl weekly videos as much as I am?

Hey, Twirlers–do what Lauren did, send us a video with your computer quandaries and tech troubles. Nothing fancy, all you need is a webcam and a question… post it here, on our Facebook page.
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