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{May 14} How I Got These Freebies!

Want to know how I got THESE freebies?

{I hope that this daily update is helping you to learn some new tips on how to get your own mailbox filled with free stuff every day!}

This is how I got THESE freebies in my mail on May 14th:

  • Purex Samples: Found this offer in my daily email from Women Freebies. Sign up for their daily email so you don’t miss out. Each day you get a quick update of new freebies, giveaways, and coupons, all targeted towards the ladies!
  • Clean & Clear Sample: I found this free offer in a daily email update from FreeFlys. I don’t know if this one is still available, but I know they have a great Victoria’s Secret sample today. Sign up for their daily email too to stay updated!
  • All You: I cannot use strong enough words to recommend this one!! This magazine is filled with what we all love… Frugal, healthy, and fast recipes, easy DIY projects, fun tips, great articles, and COUPONS. This is one of the VERY few magazines I’ll pay for! {as you may know, I use TradePub to get most of my mag’s free. Mostly business types, but sign up to get notified when they have good ones like Cosmo or Family Circle!} Anyway, there are loads of deals to be found to get All You ALMOST free, which is what I watch for, although this time I had to buy it because my subscription ran out and I couldn’t wait!! But it is so full of free coupons you have to get it! There are always deals too on Amazon if you want to get it now: All You Subscription.
  • Stashbusting box: This is such an amazingly fun idea! If you love crafts, and you love funny, you have to check out Aunt Peaches!! {Plus, her tagline is “Making Sunshine on a Shoestring” which I love!} She decided to thin out some of her overflow of supplies, and give away a few, “Stashbusting Boxes O’ Fun” to her readers. Check out the rest of what was in mine…

So awesome and random! I love it. I felt like a little kid opening birthday presents, as I pulled each new item out of the box. My 4 year old nephew was there, saying, “Oooooohhhhh. That was in rweaaaaly cool.” and “That is soooo pretty.” That’s why him and I get along.

Here are some of the fun items, and some ideas for them:

  • Garland: This is that foil garland, on a wire strand. The colors are great. I’m doing a Hawaiian Luau themed party for my little girls first birthday in late July. We’ll have it outside with the pool and bbq, and I’m super excited to start putting together decorations… This stuff will be added to my supplies for that!
  • Rhinestones: I use to have a ring with a giant stone on it, when people asked if it was real, I told them it was a real rhinestone, and came from a real rhinoceros. Not relevant, but I wanted to tell the story. Anyway, there are several boxes of these, and I think I’ll use them in a new scrapbook I’ve been working on, with lotsa bling in it.
  • Paper Flowers Kit: I was super exicted for this! For centerpieces at little ones bday, I want to use branches painted white or silver, and make tropical colored paper flowers to wire on to them. {cooler looking than it sounds, promise!} So I’m loving this.
  • Candy Tins: These could make super fun little gifts for the nephews! I’ll paint and decorate the outside, really fun, and add little toys, candy, stickers, etc inside. Then, these can be a “bribe” supply, to pull out when needed. Yep, I do that.

And there is so darn much more! Taper candles, vellum envelopes I just adore, bag of random ribbon, baggie of adorable foam valentine hearts, giant strand of heart beaded garland, and more!

I’m going to attempt to come up with at least one amazing project featuring some of these goodies to share with you this week. I mean, if I took some of my supplies, and sent them out into the world, I’d want to see a picture of what they grew up to become. So I feel it’s only right to share a picture so the super amazing Aunt Peaches can see it!

I hope you guys all had a great weekend, and had some sunshine! I’ll be back later today with some new freebie posts for ya!

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