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{Digitwirl} Back That Thing Up!

Or… How to get “Set-it-and-forget-it Computer Backup!”

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If you thought the wails of anguish that emanate from a gazelle being attacked by a lion were horrific, that’s nothing compared to the wails of anguish that will escape your lips if your computer dies and takes everything with it.

A lifetime of photos and videos, countless files, a music library that spans the decades. Gone. Caput. The solution to this worst case scenario is simple– Carbonite.

Carbonite is a secure online backup system for your entire computer that, should disaster strike, can restore all your files onto your repaired, or new computer. We checked out a few services like this, but we think Carbonite is the best online backup system, because it has unlimited data storage for a flat rate of $59 per year. That’s right, no matter how many pictures of your daughter’s third birthday, complete with a pony-riding princess you may have Carbonite will store it all safely.

And, Carbonite backups are far from out of sight out of mind, you can access any of your files from your computer or Smartphone any time. So watch this Twirl to see how you can avoid distraught howls in favor of set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind.

So, what do you think?

If, like me, you are totally technically challenged, I bet you’re feeling a big weight lifted off of your shoulders after watching this video! Like a, “Finally an easy way to make sure I don’t lose all of my important stuff if I make a huge mistake one day and totally screw up my computer” type of feeling :) Right?

Back that thing up…

Backing up my information is one of those things that pops into my head from time to time, but since I had no idea where to start, and it seemed like something that would be way to complicated for me to figure out, I tried to ignore the whole thing.

Technology Tragedy.

About 6 months ago, the kids were all playing around in the office, and somehow {none of them will really admit to doing ANYTHING, of course} they completely fried the hard drive in my boyfriends computer. Like, everything gone. All of his photos, his work files, his programs, music, all. of. it. gone. Forever.

That made me realize how easy it can be for something to happen, and how extremely valuable the content on my computer is! What if something happened, and I lost all of my little one’s baby picture files?

Just do it.

So, this has been on my mind for awhile, which means I was SUPER EXCITED to learn about Carbonite in this video today! Just set up an account, and someone ELSE will do the work, and backup everything for me, and keep it all safe? And for only $59 a year?? Easy peasy, and I’m in!!

I’m going to be signing up for this today, and am so glad that Digitwirl shares such awesome products, services, and companies with me in short, easy to understand video presentations. Finally, I can upgrade some of my technology, because with Digitwirl, I “get” it!!

Love it? What more great tips?

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