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How do you know if a survey company is legit?

You know a survey company is legit when you see this…

… my most recent reward check from Toluna! This post is for those of you that are skeptical of working with survey companies… I’m posting it so that you can see, yes, you really DO earn rewards with these companies. Not all survey places are legit, but as you can see, Toluna is! They let you cash out and request a check every time you reach $20 dollars, so I get a check about once a month or so.

You can get started here…

It takes just a minute to sign up, and soon you’ll see that first survey show up in your email! You don’t have to fill out any surveys that you don’t want to do, but the more you complete, the faster you’ll earn that first check :)

You also get entered into their amazing monthly contests with every survey that you attempt but don’t qualify for, and I know a couple of other bloggers who have won pretty awesome prizes from Toluna!

Check it out, and get signed up today! There is no risk… Fill out surveys whenever you have a little extra time, and cash out checks every time you reach $20 bucks. Why WOULDN’T you sign up, right? Toluna rocks.

And, if you’re looking for new survey companies to work with, read my post about the new product that I’m testing from Synovate here, and learn more about signing up with them.

And here are a couple more that I PERSONALLY use. When a company is a favorite of Sunshine and Sippy Cups, you know it’s good, right? :)

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  1. Amy Robbins says

    Hey!! I signed up for this company, but I can’t access any polls or surveys. It keeps telling me I need to finish my profile. How do I do that? I am soooo confused!

  2. Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

    You have to wait for them to send you out a survey! But you definitely want to get your profile finished, so that you can get surveys that you’ll qualify for… Plus, finishing it up gets you some bonus points, too.

    When you log in to Toluna, there is a menu bar at the top… Home, You, Create, Explore, Rewards. Click on the one that says YOU, and in the scroll down options is a place to finish your profile! Then they should send you out your first survey within a day or so. And you should be able to to participate in the polls and stuff as soon as you get your profile done.

    Hope that helps! :)

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