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{Hey Mommas!} Which Diet Plan Works For You?

I had my first baby, a little girl, last July. I ate really healthy, and did Yoga through most of my pregnancy, but managed to gain over 60 pounds while I was pregnant! Wooo.

I lost a lot of weight really quickly in the first two months… Probably because my little one took so much work, and I was so sleep deprived, that I nearly forgot to eat! And I know everyone says, “It takes 9 months to gain the weight, give it 9 months to take it back off.” Ok, fair enough.

Problem is, my little one is now 8 1/2 months old…. And momma still has about 20 extra baby-baggage pounds on her hips!! So, I’ve never used a diet plan before, and I eat pretty healthy, but I think I need to up my game here. Our new house has a pool, summer is coming, and I need to be ready :)

I’m really familiar with Weight Watchers, but not so much some of the others. Here are a few I’m thinking about, and I’d love it if you guys could give me your opinion if you’ve used them. I found all of these on some deal sites, with really great promotions, so I added the info too in case any of you ladies is looking for a new plan too.

Here are some of the options:

I am amazed at how hot Suzanne Somers still looks, so I suppose that is part of what drew me to this one, lol. This is what you get:

“100s of recipes, Calorie Calculators, Weight Tracker, Personal Journal, and more. Start Losing Today! Your first 7 days are FREE! Just $4/week after that.”

I’m a big fan of her show, and think that this might be a plan that I could stick with. I also like the fact that she used to have weight issues too, so maybe she is a bit more realistic. The Jillian Michaels plan says:

“You’ll get all the tools, support, and motivation you need from my customized online program. It’s Customized based on your body type, fitness level, and goals – you’ll get a customized weight loss program designed for maximum results. Your first 7 days are FREE! Just $4/week after that.”

I’ve heard a lot of really great things about The South Beach Diet from my friends who have used it. It sounds really fresh and healthy, which I love. Here are the details on this one:

“Get your own customized Meal Plan Tools to track your weight, phase, and diet goals 24 hour online support and community WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS! Your first 7 days are FREE! Just $4/week after that. “

So, now how to decide??

As you can see, the prices are the same for each one, so that doesn’t help me narrow it down! :) I’d love to hear from you guys… Have you used any of them? Or are any of you planning to get started with one of these diets?

Maybe if a lot of you are using the same plan, I can go with that one, and can do a set of posts with everyone’s experiences, to help keep us all motivated?? I’d love to hear some weight loss stories to help keep ME motivated, thats for sure. You know how hard it can be to focus on yourself after you have a baby demanding loads of attention :)

Also, if you have any other suggestions, or tips, or, well, anything you think will help me get my old pre-baby booty back in time for summer, leave me some comments!!!



  1. I wish you luck choosing what plan you’d like to do…as for me, every plan I tried, I failed … lost & then gained it all back….
    what works for me is counting calories & MOVING (something I put off for as long as I could ..hehe)..lost 35-40 lbs and have managed to keep it off for the last two years!

  2. Christie R says

    I did South Beach a few years ago and lost 40+ pounds. The first 2 weeks were the hardest, but it really did become a lifestyle change. My downfall was reverting back to old habits when we went on a cruise.
    I am now trying NutriSystem to loose weight for a special occasion coming up. I am very impressed with the food and have seen results. It has taught me a lot about portion size! And like Bonnie said, moving makes a world of difference!

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