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Would YOU buy this??

Ok, I know a ton of people that own a Snuggie, even if most of them don’t want to admit that they have one. :)

But really, a Snuggie for your DOG?? I am amused when I imagine what my puppy would look like in a tiny little doggie Snuggie, but what is the point? He has fur, right? So he’s kind of already wearing a Snuggie, right?

Whats next… Baby Snuggies? Kitty Snuggies? Do people really buy these??? If you have, and have a picture of your dog in a Snuggie PLEASE share it with me!!! I won’t judge you, I promise :) We have Halloween and Christmas outfits for our dogs, so I have no place to judge people who buy Doggie Snuggies!!

This just cracks me up. What do you guys think??



  1. Kelly Ann T. says

    My Alaskan Malamute would probably bite me if I tried to put one of those on her. She has a double coat so she is nice and warm in the winter. My cousin has an older dog that gets cold easily and she loves her snuggie. It just depends on the type of dog.

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