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I’m BACK!!… And a giveaway update!

Good Morning!!

I have been sick with the worst cold I’ve had in years, and have only gotten online the past two days to check for urgent emails. I am sooo behind on EVERYTHING!!

I am an online student, so I have bunches of homework to catch up, plus new assignments to start.

My personal email is super backed up, and friends probably think I’ve been ignoring them.

My blog email is overflowing! I have so much to sort through and respond to.

Plus, I’m still sick :( I’m feeling a bit better, but still have the worst sore throat I can remember having in my life. And this is my first time being sick while trying to take care of a baby…. That makes it so much harder. The poor little girl probably wonders why mommy has been so boring… Plus, I’m super worried that I’ll get her sick too. Then, to add a little more fun, school is out for Spring Break, so I have BOTH of my nephews here every day too! And all I want to do is sleep….

But, I do feel better than I have the past few days, so I’m going to spend today attempting to get caught up on things… And I’ll post some good deals and freebies as I find them.

The contest that I promised to start Monday, then told you I’d get it done by Tuesday… Well, I lied to you guys. I hate to add on an extra thing this week while I’m still kind of a mess, so…

I’ll start the new giveaway this coming Monday! I have quite a few giveaways planned, and it is MUCH simpler to run them one per week. But I PROMISE I’ll get back on track in the next couple days, get back to posting you some good stuff each day, and you’ll see the new giveaway posted first thing Monday morning.

Thank you guys so much for understanding! :) Also, any tips for taking care of a baby when you are sick as can be, those tips would be very much appreciated right now!!



  1. As far as being sick as sick can get, I’ve had my boyfriend watch my son while I rest or one time I let his aunt keep him for the night so I can get plenty of rest and fluids. Now, when I don’t have anybody, I usually just sleep when he sleeps and do as little as possible. He plays with his toys and keeps him entertained so I can relax on the couch. That’s the best advice I have. I wouldn’t know what else to do. :)

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Oh how I wish I had someone else that could watch her for a bit! It wouldn’t have been quite so bad either, except that just last week she learned to crawl, so I can’t even keep her in one place anymore, lol. I built a little area in the living room for her to play… I used a bunch of stuff to block off just the corner with the recliner and the tv, so she couldn’t get too far away, and filled it with a HUGE mess of toys. That kept her happy for enough time that mommy could rest a little :) But being sick was waaaaay less complicated before I had a baby!!

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