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How to get Sweet Deals AND Raise Money for Your School!

Do you like getting amazing deals on family-friendly products? Do you like supporting your kids school? Hmmm…. I bet the answer to both is yes, right? :)

Then take a minute to go sign up to get Mamapedia Sweet Deals. Read a bit more here,

“Each day, Mamapedia will email you a Sweet Deal especially for busy moms and their families — for family-friendly restaurants, family entertainment, kids activities, fun places for a Mom’s Night Out, and much more. Offers are tailored to your geographical region, so you’ll benefit from great local deals that you can really use!”

I get these daily Sweet Deal emails, and the selection that they offer is awesome. Super fun stuff, always. I’ve also made a couple purchases through Mamapedia, and love their customer service.


Like getting the Sweet Deal wasn’t enough, Mamapedia also donates 5% of your purchase to the school or preschool of your choice through the Mamapedia Savings for Schools Program!

The fine print… To get one of these Sweet Deals, the offer has to “tip”. Read on,

“We’ve partnered with some of the area’s top businesses and providers to offer fun, family-friendly products and services. By guaranteeing a minimum number of purchases for our partner businesses, we’re able to get the best possible deals that are much lower than any other you might find elsewhere.”

What this means is that, you’ll get an email with the daily deal, and you just click the button that you want to buy it. Then, at the end of the day, if enough people have clicked, the deal is approved, and you get your certificate. This is why I love to share Mamapedia with others… The more people see these deals, the more deals we all get. I’ve only had a deal not “tip” one time…. But, the more, the merrier!

I say certificate, because most deals are things like todays Sweet Deal: $30 worth of product at for $15. (I actually just bought this one today!)

“Most moms have doled out that age-old bit of wisdom: “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” With today’s Sweet Deal, your children’s apparel can do the talking for them, at half the price. SpeakNicely offers dozens of comfortable, durable designs printed with positive, uplifting messages.”

The t-shirts are seriously so cute, and so positive. This is what I mean by the selection of products being so awesome… I never would have found this company on my own!

So, check it out today, and start getting Sweet Deals yourself, and earn money for your little one’s school too!!

Sweet Deals from Mamapedia is here! Save up to 90% on one Sweet Deals every day. Signing up for Sweet Deals is FREE! Click Here!


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