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FREE Parenting Magazines

Get at least one FREE issue of Parenting Magazine, The School Years edition. The first screen said I would get just one issue free, the next screen said it was a free subscription. ?? Weird. Either way, this magazine always has a ton of great baby coupons… Some issues lately have had the $10 off diapers at Amazon, which is always cool.

Also, get a free 7 issue subscription of Parents Magazine too. This is another one with a ton of coupons…

I love getting bunches of baby magazines each month. I had NO experience with babies before having my own, and I find so many helpful tips in these things.

An example: My little girl was acting so fussy one day, and didn’t seem to be feeling well. I took her temperature during a diaper change, and she was running a moderately high temp, which of course made this over-anxious momma start worrying!

Then I remembered, I had just read an article about teething in one of my baby magazines a week or two before, and that babies sometimes get a temp when they start teething. Sure enough, I rubbed her gums to find some little nubbies trying to poke through! This is why I love these magazines :)


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