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$25 Credit at!

So, I’ll admit that signing up at is easy, but using it is a little bit confusing! They are a brand new company, and the idea is to be a service similar to PayPal, where you have money in your account that you use to pay for purchases and services online. But they are working on a bunch of cool features that would set them apart from PayPal, and make it cooler.

If you get signed up today, they give you a $25 credit just for getting started! Plus, every day that you stay active, they’ll add more credit to your account… I haven’t even used it too much, and I already have $65. But remember, right now, this is not cash, it’s PayBox currency. That means that it can only be spent through their system.

The reason that they’re giving you this free credit currency is to get people to go in and test things out, complete surveys, and give feedback, as they finish developing the system.

Soon, it should be ready to begin getting retailers signed up, so that you can “spend” your currency with them.

I figure, what the heck? There is really no loss here…. If it does work out to be a really great program, I have a bunch of credit to spend! If it doesn’t, I didn’t waste too much time with it :)

So check it out, sign up at today and get some credit built up!! Let me know what you think of it….


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